Leasing State-owned Farmland

The primary purpose of the State-owned Farmland Licensing Program is to make publicly-owned agricultural land available to farmers and others through agricultural licenses, thereby allowing participants to benefit by implementation of best management practices to assure access to and investment in these public-lands.

The eight (8) representative farmland properties benefiting from the program are located in Agawam, Danvers/Middleton, Grafton, Lakeville, Lancaster, Westborough, Westfield, and Princeton that are put out to bid through a Request For Response (RFR) process. The Commonwealth reserves the right to reject any and all proposals, which it might receive, and the right to negotiate with any and all applicants. A license agreement will be negotiated and executed between the Commonwealth and the selected applicant(s) to outline the terms and conditions of use. Rental period shall be for five (5) years with an option to renew for an additional period of five (5) years. Related RFR and other program notices will be posted here and in the Farm and Market Report.

The Department also manages agricultural Licenses for DCR lands located on several fields in the Wachusett Reservoir watersheds. MDAR's management services maintain open lands for agricultural which in turn helps to increase water yields in the state's reservoir system.

Request for Response

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources (MDAR), on behalf of the Massachusetts State Police (MSP) is soliciting proposals for the agricultural use of approximately 25+/- acres located at the State Police Academy (MSP SPA) in New Braintree, Massachusetts. Agricultural land consists of 7 field areas. 

If interested in applying please complete the following Request for Response:

Mail or deliver completed proposals to Agricultural Resources by the June 23, 2017 deadline. Envelopes must be marked in the lower left-hand corner with the following: “Proposal for use of state-owned farmland at the Massachusetts State Police Academy.” Envelopes not so marked are likely to be opened before that time and will be returned to the sender. Proposals Page 8 of 21 received by MDAR's Land Use Administrator later than 3:00 PM on June 23, 2017 will be returned to their respective owners. Applicants are cautioned to allow sufficient time for their proposals to be received by the Land Use Administrator as only proposals RECEIVED by MDAR by the response date will be reviewed and considered. Electronic or facsimile proposals are acceptable provided that the proposal is successfully received by the Land Use Administrator prior to the opening date and time.