Co-packer businesses can manufacture food products for growers and entrepreneurs.

Abbreviation Key

Dry =Dry
Wet = Wet
Bakery = Bakery
Frozen = Frozen
Ref = Refrigerated
Aci = Acidified
LAC = Low Acid Canned
Hot Pack = Hot Pack
Cold Pack = Cold Pack
VacuumP = Vacuum Packed
Seafood = Seafood
Pasta = Pasta
SSS = Shelf Stable Sauces
Pickles/R = Pickles/Relishes
Preserves = Preserves
Fruit Fill = Fruit Fillings
Syrups = Syrups
Meat Sau = Meat Sauces
Meat = Meat
USDA = USDA Inspected

Kosher = Kosher
Organic = Organic
Glass = Glass
Plastic = Plastic
Paper = Paper
Metal = Metal
CuCP = Currently Co-Pack
CoCP = Consider Co-Pack
CKitchen = Commercial Kitchen
Scale-Up = Scale-up Recipes
FFSP = File Forms for Scheduled Process
OIS = Offers Ingredient Sourcing
OPS = Offers Package Sourcing
Private = Private Labels
Comments = Comments
Equip = Equipment Available
DistOPT = Distribution Options
Storage = Storage Options
Discount = Combined Client Order Discount
MMQ = Min/Max Quantity
Price per =Price Per

Co-Packer Businesses

Alfredo's Italian Foods, Mfg. Co. Inc
Contact: Lino Aiello
122 Water St. Quincy MA 617-479-6360
Frozen, IQF, Pasta, USDA, CuCP, Scale-UP, OPS, Private, 5000 lbs pasta pound.

Arbor Hill Grapery 
Contact: John Brahms
6259 Hawks Rd. Naples NY 585-374-5817
Wet, Aci, Hot Pack, Cold Pack, SSS, Preserves, Fruit Fill, Syrup, USDA, Glass, Plastic, CuCP, Scale-UP, FFSP, OIS, Private, "Facility & Customer is responsible for ingredient sourcing. Specializes in hot filled and high acid", Limited DistOpt, Limited Storage, 25 cases hours.

Bake'n Joy Foods, Inc. 
Contact: George Fregone
351 Willow St. S. North Andover MA 978-683-1414
Dry, Wet, Bakery, Frozen, Kosher, Organic, CuCP, Scale-UP, OIS, OPS, Private, "No retail packaging. Use for industrial co-packing. Depending on line. Specializes in predeposited frozen batter and all natural or organic." "Blender, Predepositing, Metal Detectors, X-ray machines, Freezers. Holding Freezers", DistOpt, Storage, Discount min. dry 7000 lbs/month min frozen 2600 lbs/ mon. case or bag.

Battenkill Kitchen Inc. 
Contact: Will Lennon
58 East Broadway /PO Box 784 Salem NY 518-854-3095
CoCP, CKitchen, "New non-profit shared-used kitchen that opens April 2005. Base of operations for new caterers, specialty food producers, and testing," "Two Sink Kettles, Walk in Refrigerator, Walk in Freezer", Minimal Storage. hour.

Boston Baking, Inc. 
Contact: Bob Boschetto
101 Sprague Street,Boston, MA 02136, 617-364-6900, 617-364-6922
Dry, wet, bakery, frozen, IQF, Ref, SSS, Kosher, Organic, VacuumP, Plastic, Paper, CuCP, CoCP, Ckitchen, ScaleUp, FFSP, OIS, OPS, Private, Private, Dry or Frozen Storage, negotiable min/max quantity, Bakery equipment is available for use, Boston Baking has 22,000 sq. ft. of production space.

Casa Visco Finer Foods
Contact: Joseph Viscusi
819 Kings Rd. Schenectady NY 518-377-8814
Hot Pack, VacuumP, SSS, Meat Sau, USDA, Kosher, Glass, CuCP, OPS, Private, Formulation review and consulting services, Orange sections, tomato products, mushrooms, and onions. slicer, peeler, DistOpt, Storage, project.

Cathay Foods, Corps. 
960 Massachusetts Ave. Boston MA 617-427-1507
Frozen, Plastic, CoCP, Scale-UP, OIS, OPS, Private, "Small company. Can do some co-packing."

Chubby's Sauces, LLC
11 Deacon Parker Road, Bernardston, MA 01337
Phone: 413-478-2103, Fax: 413-648-0200, Email:, Website:
Acidified Foods, Thermal Process-(Hot Pack), Automated Filling Line, 4 ounce to 1 Gallon, Plastic and Glass Containers, Product Development and Consultation

CropCircle, Inc - A shared use kitchen in Boston
Contact: Jonathan Kemp or Darnell Adams  
31 Germania St I/J. Jamaica Plain MA 617-522-7900
Non-profit 24/7 shared-use kitchen facility. Provides testing area, overflow use, cooking classes, food safety managers course, technical and business support.", "22 burners, walk in freezer, walk in fridge, dry goods storage area, meat slicer, 30 qt mixer, grill, convection oven, conventional oven, and proof box", Storage, 8hrs/quarter hours. 

Gold Pure Food Products Co. Inc.
Contact: Steve Gold
1 Brooklyn Rd. Hempstead NY 516-483-5600
Wet, Ref, Aci, Hot Pack, Cold Pack, VacuumP, SSS, Pickles/R, Syrup, Kosher, Glass, Plastic, CuCP, CKitchen, Scale-UP, FFSP, OIS, OPS, Private, "do everything from start to finish. Mostly condiments and sauces. fillers, labelers, cappers, packing, processing, cooking, mixers, and weighing. Kettles", Storage, case.

Hometown Foods LLC 
Contact: Anna Dawson
362 Eichybush Rd. Kinderhook NY 518-758-7342
Frozen, VacuumP, CKitchen, FFSP, "good place to make small amounts. 2 tray freezers, convection oven, 15 burners, vacuum packaging (18" bar), dishwasher", DistOpt, hours. Freezing vacuum packaging, make meal kits, quick bread kits, crock pot kits, vegetable side dishes

IQF Custom 
Contact: Russell A. Young
140 Waldron Road Fall River MA 508-646-0400
Wet, Frozen, IQF, VacuumP, Seafood, Plastic, Paper, CuCP, OPS, Private, "Solely Co-packing and repacking. Form and fill sealers, vacuum packed sealers, heat shrink sealers, bell bow sealers, vmag machine, nitrogen tunnels", Storage, variable pound.

Lidestri Foods
Contact: Joe Ferrigno,
815 West Whitney Road, Fairport, NY 14450 , 585-388-4262, FAX: 585-388-6788,, ,
Dry, Wet, Froze, IQF, Ref, Aci, Low Acid Retored Glass Products, SSS, Meat Sau, Meat, HotPack, ColdPack, Kosher, Organic, USDA, Glass, Plastic, CuCP, Ckitchen, Scale-Up, FFSP, OIS, OPS, Private, Cooler, Freezer, Dry, Depends of which plant and what product

Look's Gourmet Food Co.
Contact: Mike Cote
1112 Cutler Road Whiting ME 800-962-6258, 
LAC, Seafood, SSS, Glass, Metal, CuCP, Scale-UP, FFSP, OIS, OPS, Private, "low acid bottling as well. Does all natural foods. Clam juice, soups, baked beans, indian pudding, and seafood spread are currently in its product line.This company is very flexible and considers themselves as a premium quality co-packer." "complete canning and packing line. Liquid fill bottling line kettles mixing", DistOpt, Storage, one pallet case.

Martin's Kitchen 
Contact: Eli Martin
4898 John Green Road Dundee NY 607-243-8197
Wet, Aci, LAC, Hot, Pack, Cold, Pack, SSS, Pickles/R, Preserves, Fruit Fill, Syrup, Meat Sau, Glass, Plastic, CuCP, Scale-UP, FFSP, OIS, OPS, Private, "Can do meat sauces if under 2% of product. Would want to work with farmers to develop their products to market. Does fruit butter." "Steam kettles, slicer, chopper, grinder, slow speed agitator", DistOpt, Limited Storage, 15 gallons jar.

New England Natural Bakers
Contact: Pam Clark
74 Fairview Street, Greenfield, MA 01301, 413-772-2239 x102 FAX: 413-772-2936,,
Dry, SSS, Kosher, Organic, Plastic, USDA, CuCP, CoCP, CKitchen, Scale-Up, OPS, Private, Dist-USA/International-backhaul from facility, Storage-small warehouse onsite, Quantity-pallet, Pricing caries depending on products and quantities

Nelson Farms
Contact: Dave Evans
3261 Route 20 Cazenovia NY 315-655-8831
Dry, Wet, Bakery, Frozen, Ref, Aci, Hot Pack, Cold Pack, Seafood, Pasta, SSS, Pickles/R, Preserves, Fruit Fill, Syrup, Organic, Glass, Plastic, Paper, CuCP, CKitchen, Scale-UP, FFSP, OIS, OPS, Private, "Specializes in product development and value added products for farmers. A kitchen that can also be rented by the hour. kettles, fillers, choppers, peelers, popcorn machine, labelers, cryovac fill & seal and modified atmosphere packaging or MAP", DistOpt, Storage, Discount no jar.


Contact: Mario Pellicano
125 Reading St. Buffalo NY 716-822-2366
Dry, Wet, Aci, LAC, Hot Pack, Cold Pack, Pasta, SSS, Pickles/R, Preserves, Syrup, Meat Sau, Meat, Glass, Plastic, Metal, CuCP, Scale-UP, FFSP, OPS, Private, "Department of Agriculture and FDA approved", DistOpt, Storage, 60 gallons cases.

Plenus Group 
Contact: Josepsh/Jennifer Jolly
101 Phoenix Ave. Lowell MA 978-970-3832
Wet, Frozen, Ref, Hot Pack, VacuumP, Seafood, Meat Sau, Meat, USDA , Plastic, CuCP, Scale-UP, OIS, OPS, Private, Works with soup and sauce prepared meals "Vertical form fill and seal. Kettles, Rotary Oven, Vacuum Skin Pack, Mixers, Choppers", DistOpt, Discount min. 800 lbs. project.

Portland Shellfish Co. 
Contact: Scout Wuerhner
110 Dartmouth St. Portland ME 807-799-9290
Wet, Frozen, IQF, Ref, Hot Pack, Cold Pack, VacuumP, Seafood, USDA, Plastic, CuCP, Scale-UP, FFSP, OIS, OPS, Private, "nitrogen freezer, weigh pack systems, koch packing system, pasteurized equipment", DistOpt, Storage, Discount variable project

Quality Custom Packing
contact:  Brian W. Miller
Quality Custom Packing, 18 Wright Street, New Bedford, MA 02740 508-993-0717
Wet, Frozen, IQF, Refrigerated, Seafood, Organic, Cold Pack, Vacuum Pack, Plastic,
Files Forms for Scheduled Process, ingredient sourcing, packaging sources, private label, operates Freezing and Packing equipment, has several outlets for distribution, and has cold storage.  The minimum quantity is 500 and there is no maximum. QPC can custom source, package and label your products while helping you cultivate your brand. Scallop program implementation for your current brand is a passion for us.

Sauces ‘n Love, Inc. /WEKOPAK LLC
Contact: Paolo Volpati-Kedra,
82 Sanderson Avenue, Lynn, MA 01902, 781-595-7771 x11; Fax  781-595-7799;
Dry, Wet, Bakery, Frozen, Refrigerated, Acidified, Hot pack, Cold pack, Vacuum pack.  Products: Seafood, Pasta, Shelf Sable Sauces, Relishes/Pickles, Preserves, Fruit fillings, Syrups, Others: compound butter, ice coffee, hummus, tzatziki, marinades, BBQ sauces, pesto, jams, hot sauces, salsa, salad dressing.  Certifications: Organic, FDA, Better processing.  Packaging materials: Glass, Plastic, Paper, Metal. Equipment available: kettles, mixers, blenders, fillers, labelers, shirk tunnel, forced cooling.  Storage options: limited, pick up finished product within 48 hours from production.  Distribution options: none.  Company currently co-packs.  Client is responsible for ingredient and package sourcing.  Can assist with recipe scale up.  Flexible on minimum, 7,000 jars/day.

Snow’s/Bumble Bee Foods, LLC
Contact: Joe Myers
994 Ocean Drive, Cape May, NJ 08204
609-884-0440 x421
Products: Shelf-stable cans and bottles in a variety of container sizes. High-speed retort, labeling, packaging. SQF III, USDA, FDA certification. See our brochure
LAC, Hot Pack, Seafood, SSS, Meat Sau, Meat, USDA, Glass, Metal, CuCP, Scale-Up, FFSP, OIS, OPS, Private, DistOPT, Storage, Price per

Springfield Smoked Fish Co. 
Contact: Alan Axler
150 Switzer Ave Springfield MA 413-737-8693
Frozen, IQF, Ref, Cold, Pack, VacuumP, Seafood, Glass, Plastic, CoCP, OIS, OPS, Private (mostly private label), "Smoke houses, ovens, vacuum packaging, mixing, grinding equipment, and slicing", Storage, variable pound.

Urban Horizons Food Company 
Contact: Kathrine Gregory
50 East 168th St. Bronx NY 212-452-1866
CKitchen, OIS, OPS, "convection and conventional ovens, ranges, fully-equipped with cooking and baking supplies, and loading dock", Storage, 10 hr shift shifts.

Ventre Packing 
Contact: Marty Ventre
6050 Court Street Road Syracuse NY 888-472-8237/315-463-2384
Wet, Aci, LAC, Hot Pack, SSS, Meat Sau, USDA, Kosher, Organic, Glass, Plastic, CuCP, Scale-UP, FFSP, OIS, OPS, Private, "organic and conventional fruit and vegetable juices. Low cost producer." "Heat Exchanger
Vacuum Steam Generated Kettles Fillers, Cappers, Choppers", DistOpt, Storage, Discount variable case.

Vermont Pepper Works
Contact: Jeff Mitchell 
PO Box 282 Fairfax VT 802-598-6419
Dry, Wet, Hot Pack, Cold Pack, SSS, Pickles/R, Preserves, Fruit Fill, Syrup, USDA, Organic, Glass, Plastic, Paper, Metal, CuCP, Scale-UP, FFSP, OIS, OPS, Private, "Niche is to help entrepreneurs. filling machines, labeling machines, heat shrink tube, kettles, food processors, food mills, ovens, water bath, and flash freezing", Limited Storage, Discount min 15 gal. hour.

Western Mass Food Processing Center 
Contact: Liz Buxton, Production Manager
324 Wells St. Greenfield MA 413-774-7204 x110 
Wet, Dry, Frozen, Ref, Hot Pack, Cold Pack, IQF, Aci, VacuumP, Syrups, Meat Sau, Meat, USDA, SSS, Pickles/R, Preserves, Fruit Fill, Organic, Glass, Plastic, Paper, CuCP, CKitchen, Scale-UP, FFSP, OIS, OPS, Private, Comments, Equip, "Shared-use kitchen facility. 2-100 gal steam kettles, filler, 50 gal skillet, 20 qt & 60 qt mixers, buffalo chopper, VCM, immersion blender,  food processor, pulp extractor", DistOpt, Storage, cold, frozen varies unit.