This service is an educational introduction to the fundamentals and logistics of the exporting business. Each section tackles an important subject and provides detailed information to assist in answering your questions about exporting such as market research, payment procedures and more. Export Essentials can help your company determine your export readiness, research and target your top markets and even create an export marketing strategy. To view sample documents, you will need Abobe Acrobat Reader installed.

Whether you're just beginning to export, or are already exporting, Export Essentials offers what you need to succeed!

Export Essentials Topics

Topic 1: Exploring Export Options
Learn the driving forces behind the growth in the global food export market, how exporting can impact your company and the major differences between domestic and international business. Also learn about export service providers and how they can assist you in the international marketplace.

Topic 2: Market Research
Here you’ll learn about the step-by-step approach that your company can pursue to conduct export marketing research. This section discusses various types of research materials, and offers options, tips and techniques for collection of quality research.

Topic 3: The Export Marketing Mix
Examine the "Four P's" of marketing: Product, Price, Placement and Promotion as they relate to the export of food and agricultural products. Learn how the marketing mix must be adapted for international markets and what the key success factors are in each area. There is also useful information on market segmentation targeting and positioning products.

Topic 4: Strategic Planning
Examine how your company can measure its export readiness. You will learn about the guidelines needed for preparing an export business and explore suggested marketing tools to increase your effectiveness overseas.

Topic 5: International Marketing Activities
This section reviews the variety of export related opportunities a company has when using the services of the USDA, Foreign Agricultural Service, State Regional Trade Groups (such as Food Export -Midwest and Food Export-Northeast and the State Department of Agriculture's International Marketing Departments. Gain an understanding of how all of the groups function together, what each one can offer you, and learn best practices when participating in various activities.

Topic 6: Pricing, Quoting & Terms of Sale
Examine export pricing and quoting, both from within the firm in developing an export pricing strategy, and externally as represented by the "landed cost" to the buyer. Learn various standardized trade terms, including the American Foreign Trade Definitions, and Incoterms 2000.

Topic 7: Logistics & Physical Distribution
Review the various distribution systems available for exporters. It includes an overview of the parties involved in the international shipping transaction, such as freight forwarders, airlines, steamship lines, and other carriers and consolidators. It also includes areas on packaging goods for exports and information on marine cargo insurance.

Topic 8: Documentation & Procedures
Learn the importance of using the correct trade terminology, clearly defining the transfer of interest and liability, selecting the right method of payment, and sending the best quotation. You will also see that after the sale has been made, proper and timely selection, preparation and distribution of export documents is vital to the success of the international trade transaction.

Topic 9: Payment Methods & Strategies
Examine the ways in which companies are paid for their exports. It focuses on developing payment policies and procedures that suit the company's best interests. Comparison of various payment options is considered, with step-by-step analysis of the documentary collection and Letter of Credit transactions. Other topics include: document preparation, how to handle nonpayment of the Letter of Credit, the draft transaction, and the preparation and presentation of collection letters.

Topic 10: Exporting: A Business of Details
In the final module, you’ll learn about every step of an export transaction in detail, integrating the trade promotion services along with those of other export service providers. Beginning with the initial interest and concluding with the payment, this section includes an export transaction flow-chart and guidelines of exactly how to execute a successful transaction, from conception, through connection and until collection.

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