• Locally Grown Produce

    A Massachusetts Farmers’ Market is a public market for the primary purpose of connecting, and mutually benefiting, Massachusetts farmers, communities and shoppers while promoting and selling products grown and raised by participating farmers.

    The Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources provides technical assistance to individuals and groups trying to start a Farmers' Market; helps farmers find appropriate Farmers' Markets to participate in; and encourages consumers to patronize Farmers' Markets through the publication of consumer listings, news releases, and other promotional activities.

    The Department also administers the Farmers' Market Coupon Program, a combined Federal-State program that provides coupons redeemable for produce sold exclusively at Farmers' Markets. 

    The program supports local farm sales at Farmers' Markets, while providing fresh, nutritious foods to those at nutritional risk. Coupons are available through the Women, Infants and Children Program (WIC) and other programs for low-income seniors.