For Consumers

Q. What is a Farmers' Market?
A. A Farmers' Market consists of a group of farmers who have come together collectively to market their products directly to the consumer. At the Farmers' Markets you will meet the growers who produce your food.

Q. I have never shopped at a Farmers' Market before. What can I expect to find at a Farmers' Market?
A. You can expect to find a festive atmosphere and a wide array of fresh vegetables and fruits. You may also find baked goods, maple products, honey, eggs, farmstead cheeses, apple cider, jams and jellies, flowers, and even turkey and meats. 

Each Farmers' Market consists of different growers so availability of these items varies from market to market and the time of year. For time-of-year availability, check the availability calendar pdf format of Crop Availability Guide
to see the seasons when items are available.

Q. When and where are Massachusetts farmers' markets held?
A. Massachusetts's farmers' markets are seasonal. Some markets open in May and close at Thanksgiving, while others open in June or July and finish at the end of October. To find one near you, use the MassGrown interactive map .

Q. I bought too much. Do you have any recipe ideas using fresh vegetables or fruit?
A. Visit Recipes for Massachusetts-grown Items.

Q. I am concerned about the nutrition for my family and myself. Where can I find out more?
A. Visit MDAR's nutrition page for information about the nutritional value of fruit and vegetables.

Q. How can I find out if I am eligible to receive Farmers' Market coupons?
A. Massachusetts Farmers' Market coupons are distributed to women and children in the WIC Program, as well as eligible seniors and other individuals. To learn more, refer to the WIC Program information at the Health and Human Services website, or contact Rebecca Davidson, 617-626-1744.

Q. I received some Farmers' Market coupons. How do I use them?
A. Farmers' Market coupons are used like cash with participating farmers at certified Farmers' Markets. 

Look for the Farmers' Market Coupons Accepted sign at individual farmers' stalls at the market. If you do not see the sign, just ask the grower if he/she participates in the program. No change is given for the coupons, so be sure to use the full amount of every coupon with each purchase.

Q. How can I start a Farmers' Market in my community?
A. Visit Farmers Market Resources for Market Managers to find information about getting started.

For Farmers and Market Managers

Q. I am a farmer and am looking for some Farmers' Markets to participate in. Where can I find a list?
A. See the Farmers' Market Contacts  pdf format of Farmers' Market Contacts

Q. I am a farmer who sells at a Massachusetts Farmers' Market. How can I get certified to accept Farmers' Market coupons?
A. Contact Rebecca Davidson,, 617-626-1744.

Q. What permits are needed for sellers at a Farmers' Market?
A. Guidelines from the Massachusetts Department of Public Health here.