Farmers' Market Shoppers

Behind every successful Farmers' Market is a dedicated market manager. 

The primary responsibilities for the Farmers' Market manager are recruiting farmers, promoting and advertising the market, and managing day-to-day operations including space allocation. Some farmers' markets are managed and run by an individual in the community. Some are sponsored by community organizations or non-profits with a hired market manager. 

In order to be recognized as a Massachusetts farmers' market, the market must meet the criteria within the MDAR's Farmers' Market Policy. pdf format of Mass. Farmers' Markets Policy

If you, or an organization you work with, is interested in starting a Farmers' Market in your community, contact our Farmer's Market Program Coordinator.

Massachusetts Farmers’ Market EBT-SNAP Initiative

For information on how your farmers' market can participate in SNAP (formerly food stamps), Apply to the USDA and receive approval to be a SNAP authorized Farmers’ Market. Farmers Market Application Guidance pdf format of Farmers Market SNAP Application Guidance
. For next steps and more information, see  Massachusetts Farmers’ Market EBT-SNAP Initiative .