Promoting Massachusetts Grown Products

The Massachusetts Department of Agriculture uses two slogans to identify and promote Massachusetts grown and produced products. 

"Massachusetts grown … and fresher!"

"Massachusetts Made with Pride"

The slogans identify locally grown products and remind consumers about their availability. The slogans are part of our ongoing initiative to increase the demand for Massachusetts products from within and from outside the region, increase the value of Massachusetts products, and increase farm business profitability.


Logos with the Massachusetts slogans are available in digital format. You can incorporate the logos into your own brands, labels, and posters.

To request digital copies of the logos, contact Rick LeBlanc,, 617-626-1759.

Point-of-Purchase Materials

Point-of-purchase materials including price cards, posters, signs, and stickers are available to Massachusetts food and agricultural related businesses in the Commonwealth.

Massachusetts farmers are encouraged to request the point-of-purchase materials for use at their farm businesses and farmers' markets. The materials are free of charge. View the materials and use the order form pdf format of Order Form
to request your items.