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Under state regulations, the Department’s role in aquatic vegetation management is the review and registration of new aquatic herbicide products, and the licensing of commercial applicators of aquatic herbicides. Other agencies with responsibilities in the regulation and management of the Commonwealth’s lakes and ponds are the Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) and the Department of Conservation and Recreation. In addition to conducting herbicide product reviews, MassDEP licenses the use of aquatic herbicides. The DCR Lakes and Ponds Program educates and promotes good lake and pond management practices.

This site provides information and resources of herbicide active ingredients and products that have been approved for use in lakes and ponds in Massachusetts. The aquatic herbicide toxicity and environmental fate profiles from Appendix III of the Final Generic Environmental Impact Report (GEIR) on aquatic plant management are located below. Updated herbicide product information and profiles of new active ingredients will be available on this site.

Aquatic Herbicide Active Ingredients
The herbicide active ingredients listed below are included in the GEIR for Aquatic Vegetation Management. Products containing these active ingredients are available for licensed-use in lakes and ponds in Massachusetts.

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Registered Products
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