The Catch Basin Applicator Permit Program allows a government employee (state, city or town) to use MDAR-approved dry formulation mosquito larvicides in storm drains and catch basins, provided that employee is working under the supervision of a certified or licensed pesticide applicator. In order to obtain a Permit, the applicant must complete an MDAR-approved training (see materials provided below) and pass an exam that focuses on the use and handling of mosquito larvicides. Anyone receiving a Catch Basin Applicator Permit (“Permitted catch basin applicator”) is required to keep records and ensure that all applications are made in accordance with any applicable state and federal laws.

The catch basin permit is only available to individuals employed by either the Commonwealth of Massachusetts or a city or town within the Commonwealth. State or municipal employees seeking to use pesticides in any site other than catch basins or storm drains should register for the Commercial Applicator (Core) License Exam. All other individuals must obtain the appropriate license or certification to make such pesticide applications in accordance with M.G.L. c. 132B, Section 10 and 333 CMR 10.00. See MDAR’s Pesticide Examination and Licensing webpages for more information.


2017 Massachusetts Catch Basin Applicator Permit Exam Schedule
(Download a print version pdf format of Catch Basin Permit Exam Schedule 2017

All examinees must bring government-issued photo identification and a #2 pencil with eraser.

On-site check-in begins at 8:30 am. The exam starts promptly at 9:00 am. Individuals who arrive late will not be allowed into the exam.

Training Materials