The State Reclamation and Mosquito Control Board is required by law to certify the amounts to be deducted from local aid, it is the duty of the Board to assure itself that the member communities support the proposed Mosquito Control District/Project budgets. Ultimately, the Board must make certain that the budgets are an appropriate use of public money through a transparent process pertaining to its budget policy titled Massachusetts Mosquito Control Budget Notification And Compliance Certification Policy. The meeting date, location, and time has also been posted in the Environmental Monitoring at the MEPA Office of the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs (EEA). Hopefully, this page will provide you a window of access to better view and understand budgets and the spending estimates by cost categories for mosquito control services conducted in many communities in the Commonwealth.

Annual Meeting (Date, Location, and Time)  pdf format of Annual Meeting (Date, Location, and Time)

Budget Policy (for FY 15) pdf format of Mosquito Notification & Compliance Certification Policy

Preliminary FY 15 Budget Summary Table (for all projects and boards)  pdf format of Preliminary FY 15 Budget Summary

FY 14 Certified Budgets (July 23, 2013)