Pursuant to Chapter 252 of the Massachusetts General Laws (Improvement of Low Land and Swamps), the State Reclamation and Mosquito Control Board (referred to hereafter as SRMCB) oversee mosquito control in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

As part of this oversight mandate, the SRMCB appoints mosquito control district or project commissioners. Commissioners appointed or re-appointed are legally charged with the responsibility to carry out, follow, and oversee mosquito control improvements in such a manner as the SRMCB may approve.

Commissioners employ and appoint the most suitable person to handle the day-to-day responsibilities of the mosquito control district or project. This person would hold a title such as a director, manager, or superintendent through a state approved process. Preferably, the person should have appropriate education such as advanced degrees in entomology, biology, environmental science, and/or public health OR be able to demonstrate practical experience and knowledge via years of specific experience to implement a viable and dynamic mosquito control and mosquito borne disease prevention program. The person must be able to communicate clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing. The SRMCB/MDAR may provide input and require the Commission to submit its recommendation for review in this specific hiring to insure that these procedures and recommendation are in line with all state standards and requirements.

Must regularly attend formal meetings of the Commission and additional meetings held as required to address specific issues including but not limited to SRMCB, municipal, and general public meetings in carrying out the duties of the Commission. Attendance is an expectation of any Commissioner and is critical for the Commission to be successful and accomplish its work. Excessive absenteeism may be cause for revocation of appointment.

Makes effort to reach out and listen to all citizens within the mosquito control district or project to enhance and promote a positive public image regarding mosquito control practices that are effective and environmentally acceptable.

The Commissioners for each project or district varies and represents a wide range of expertise.  Current Commissioners include but are not limited to public member(s), medical doctor(s), police officer(s), board of health director(s), University PhD (s), private citizen(s), mayor's or selectperson(s), DPW engineer(s) or Commissioner(s), former mosquito control project or district superintendent(s).  The make-up of these Commissions helped to direct the mosquito control project or district in important financial and operational decisions.
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