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2012 Aerial Spray Information

2010 Aerial Spray Information

MEPA Filings

Filing - August 14, 2009

The Board now requires annual reports of the 9 mosquito control programs as a means of ensuring public transparency and educating taxpayers about their services and the costs of these services. The reports from all MCPs for 2007, 2008, and 2009 can be found at
Document 12 contains various documents that update the original GEIR. The documents are titled and paged as listed below.

  • Board Administrative Policies (pages 1-21)
  • OMWM (pages 22-48)
  • Cranberry Sampling for Anvil 10+10 ULV in SE Massachusetts (pages 49-63)
  • MOU between Division of Fisheries and Wildlife & DOR (pages 64-67)
  • Freshwater Mosquito Control BMP Letter to Secretary dated October 24, 2008 (pages 68-72)
  • Letter regarding EEEv Aerial Spray Report for August 22-24, 2006 (pages 73-80)
  • Memo concerning Choice of Anvil 10+10 ULV for Aerial Mosquito Control dated July 28, 2006 (pages 81-86)
  • Final Report to EPA for use of Anvil 10+10 ULV (pages 87-91)
  • Letter dated March 4, 2002 to Director of MEPA regarding updates (pages 92-94)
  • Comment Letters from public regarding the Board’s Freshwater Mosquito Control BMP (pages 95-119)
  • The Board’s Freshwater Mosquito Control BMP document dated October 24, 2008 (pages 120-147)
  • The Board Responses to Public Comments to the Freshwater Mosquito Control BMP (pages 148-167)
  • The Secretary’s Certificate regarding GEIR #5027 updates dated February 15, 2008 (pages 168-171)
  • The original Secretary’s Certificate regarding GEIR #5027 dated October 25, 1998 (pages 172-180)
  • The Board’s RFR to secure contractor to update the original GEIR dated September 26, 2008 (pages 181-192)
  • The DPH Arbovirus Surveillance And Response Plan (Pages 193-213)
  • The Board’s Operational Response Plan To Reduce The Risk Of Mosquito-Borne Disease In Massachusetts (Pages 214-287)
  • The Board’s EEE Aerial Spray Summary report for first round of spraying dated August 18, 2006 (pages 288-293)
  • The original Final Mosquito Control GEIR dated October 14, 1998 (pages 294-576)
  • The Methoprene Report for the MA Pesticide Board Subcommittee (pages 577-616)
  • A public health fact Sheet on Mosquitoes in Massachusetts (pages 617-618)
  • The Board’s Mosquito Misting System Policy (pages 619-620)
  • The Board’s Adult Mosquito Control Pesticide label Compliance Policy regarding protecting honey bees (pages 621-622)
  • Document 13 - Appendix 11, Literature Review of Alternatives pdf format of Appendix 11, Literature Review of Alternatives
file size 66MB
  • Document 14 - Appendix 12, Literature Cited pdf format of Appendix 12, Literature Cited
file size 34MB
  • Document 15 - Appendix 13, Curriculum vitae of consultant pdf format of Appendix 13, Curriculum vitae of consultant

Additional Documents for comments (see new comment period) regarding Mosquito Control Program #5027 (MEPA Filing) part of August 14, 2009 2nd EIR Update.

Note: This information was posted on March 26, 2010, the close of the comment period and therefore a 30 day extension for mosquito control filing #5027 results in the following new dates:

Close of Comment Period - April 23rd, 2010 and the Secretary's Certificate - April 30, 2010

  1. A document titled Update to the 1998 Mosquito Control Program Generic Environmental Impact Report (GEIR) EOEEA #5027 dated August 14, 2009, the same as document 2 listed above but with minor refinements. pdf format of Generic Environmental Impact Report (GEIR) EOEEA #5027
  2. A document titled Summary of the Update to the 1998 Mosquito Control Program #5027 pdf format of Summary of GEIR Updates Massachusetts Mosquito Control
  3. A document (new policy voted on March 4, 2010) titled mosquito control Budget and Notification and Compliance Certification Policy pdf format of Mosquito Notification & Compliance Certification Policy

Environmental Impact Update

The Secretary of Environmental Affairs has determine that this project Mosquito Control Program (EOEA Number 5027) determined that this project adequately and properly complies with the Massachusetts Environmental Policy Act-MEPA (G.L. c. 30, ss 61-62I) and with its implementing regulations (301 CMR 11.00). Further, no further MEPA review is required at this time.