Please Note: All system updates are complete. You are now asked to renew your license online as described below.

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The Pesticide Program conducts the Examination, Licensing and Certification of pesticide applicators in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The pesticide license that you need depends on several factors, including the types of pesticides you will be using or selling in your work and where you will be applying those pesticides. Click on the links below to learn more about the Department’s Licensing and Certification Program.

MDAR presents the new Online Data System known as the ePLACE Portal.  This portal is part of an initiative to bring all agencies within the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs into an online permitting and authorization system. 

This system provides an easy and convenient way for individuals to apply for pesticide exams and licenses. Due to legal requirements, use by companies or agencies, on behalf of their employees is strictly forbidden. All applications must be submitted online, and we strongly recommend that all payments be made via electronic check or credit card. There is a nominal convenience fee of 2.35% for Credit Cards, and 35 cents for electronic checks, however a pay-by-mail option is available for those unable to make online payments.

All users will need to create an ePLACE Portal account. Existing licensees or individuals with exam results will be mailed instructions on how to link their records. Please click the "Apply Online" button below to begin.

All Applications for examination or licensure must now be submitted online.

ePLACE Portal - Apply Online

ePLACE Portal Instructions

How to Create Your ePLACE Account  pdf format of How to Create Your ePLACE Account

ePLACE Comprehensive User Manual  pdf format of ePLACE Comprehensive User Manual
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EEA Public Access Portal - Search, view, or comment on decisions for Permit, Certification, License or Notification Applications submitted online through the EEA ePLACE Portal.

Need Help? For technical assistance in using the ePLACE Portal, please call the ePLACE Help Desk Team at (844) 733-7522