When should you submit your Exam Registration Application?
As per State Pesticide Regulations, your Exam Registration Application must be received by the Department prior to the the deadline. Please submit the applications with sufficient time for U.S. Mail and the Lockbox Service to process application and forward it to the Department. Do NOT submit your exam registration applications the day before, hoping to beat the deadline using overnight mail services.

When is the Exam Roster Posted?
The online Pesticide Exam Roster is posted 2 to 3-days after the Deadline pdf format of 2016 Pesticides Exam Schedule
for receiving the exam applications. There will not be any interim exam rosters posted for upcoming exams. You may call or email the above contact should you wish to confirm an exam registration before the roster is posted.

Click on the exam date to see if you're on the exam roster. Only pesticide license candidates on the roster will be able to take the exam on that date! If your name is not listed on the exam roster for the date requested your application may have been received by the Pesticide Program, but because of the limited space at the exam site you may have been rescheduled for the next exam date. Applications for the examinations are processed in order of receipt therefore applications received near the deadline are more likely to be rescheduled. Please call the contact listed above if you have any questions.

All complete applications received after the maximum number of exam seats is reached or after the deadline will be rescheduled for the next examination date. However, if you have a conflict with this rescheduled date please contact the Pesticide Program to arrange for an alternate date or a return of your application.

Incomplete applications may be returned as the result of: missing or incorrect fee, wrong exam dates or location, and ineligibility for an exam.

Please be advised that the  Deadline pdf format of 2016 Pesticides Exam Schedule
, as outlined above, for receiving exam applications is 1 week prior to the exam date. Please allow adequate time for delivery through the US Postal Service and state mail processing (3 - 5 days). Also be advised that the receipt of an application by the Pesticide Program prior to the examination deadline does NOT guarantee inclusion on the exam roster for the date requested. Always check the online exam roster.

Plan accordingly; such that, you at the exam location with time to spare. Don't arrive at the exam location late! Individuals who arrive late, after the exam has started, will not be permitted to take the exam on that day. Such individuals will be required to resubmit a complete exam application and fee. Travel directions are included in the Pesticide Examination and License Information Bulletin. Plan accordingly; especially, if unfamiliar with the exam site location and directions. Allow time for traffic delays.

It is imperative that you follow the rules and procedures outlined in the 2015 Examination and License Information Bulletin. Please also review the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) pdf format of Frequently Asked Questions
on page 15 for more information.

2017 Schedule of Pesticide Exams pdf format of 2016 Pesticides Exam Schedule

Exam Dates and Rosters by Location

The Lantana
43 Scanlon Dr., Randolph, MA 02368
Google Directions
1/06/2017View Roster pdf format of 01/06/2017
View Result pdf format of 01/06/2017
1/13/2017View Roster pdf format of 01/13/2017
View Result pdf format of 01/13/2017
2/03/2017View Roster pdf format of 02/03/2017
View Results pdf format of 02/03/2017
2/10/2017View Roster pdf format of 02/10/2017
View Results pdf format of 02/10/2017
02/17/2017View Roster pdf format of 02/17/2017
View Results pdf format of 02/17/2017
03/03/2017View Roster pdf format of 03/03/2017
View Results pdf format of 03/03/2017
03/10/2017View Roster pdf format of 03/10/2017
View Results pdf format of 03/10/2017
03/17/2017View Roster pdf format of 03/17/2017
View Results pdf format of 03/17/2017
03/24/2017View Roster pdf format of 03/24/2017
View Results pdf format of Pass_170324.pdf
04/07/2017View Roster pdf format of Roster_170407.pdf
View Results pdf format of 04/07/2017
04/14/2017View Roster pdf format of 04/14/2017
View Results pdf format of 04/14/2017
04/21/2017View Roster pdf format of 04/21/2017
View Results pdf format of 04/21/2017
05/05/2017View Roster pdf format of 05/05/2017
View Results pdf format of 05/05/2017
05/12/2017View Roster pdf format of 05/12/2017
View Results pdf format of 05/12/2017
05/26/2017View Roster pdf format of 05/26/2017
View Results pdf format of 05/26/2017
06/09/2017View Roster pdf format of 06/09/2017
View Results pdf format of 06/09/2017
07/07/2017View Roster pdf format of 07/07/2017
View Results pdf format of 07/07/2017
08/11/2017View Roster pdf format of 08/11/2017
View Results pdf format of 8/11/17


Upper Cape Cod Regional Technical School
220 Sandwich Road, Bourne, MA 02532
Google Directions

02/22/2017View Roster pdf format of 02/22/2017
View Results pdf format of 02/22/2017
04/18/2017View Roster pdf format of 04/18/2017
View Results pdf format of 04/18/2017


Springfield Technical Community College
One Armory Square, Springfield, MA 01102
Building 2 - Scibelli Hall, Rooms 703 and 704
View Campus Map pdf format of STCC Campus Map
Google Directions

Exam Date

Campus Location for Exam

Wednesday, March 22Scibelli Hall - Auditorium (STCC Building 2)
Wednesday, April 12, 2017Scibelli Hall – 7th FL Rooms 703 / 704  (STCC Building 2)
Wednesday, May 17, 2017Scibelli Hall – 7th FL Rooms 703 / 704 (STCC Building 2)


03/22/2017View Roster pdf format of 03/22/2017
View Results pdf format of 03/22/2017
04/12/2017View Roster pdf format of 04/12/2017
View Results pdf format of 04/12/2017
05/17/2017View Roster pdf format of 05/17/2017
View Results pdf format of 05/17/2017