The Pesticide Program in the Division of Crop and Pest Services of the Department of Agricultural Services is authorized under the Massachusetts Pesticide Control Act to regulate the use of pesticides. Program activities include conducting pesticide registrations, enforcing pesticide regulations, pesticide groundwater monitoring, promoting the use of Integrated Pest Management and collecting hazardous waste pesticides. 

The Quality Management Plan (QMP) describes how the Massachusetts Pesticide Program will document its quality system in accordance with EPA Requirements for Quality Management Plans (QA/R-2). The QMP provides a framework for documenting the quality system in terms of organizational structure, functional responsibilities of management and staff, lines of authority, and policies and procedures for planning, implementing, documenting and assessing all activities. 

The collection and evaluation of enforcement, compliance and environmental data are key components to the implementation of the Massachusetts Pesticide Control Act.  Additionally, because of extensive coordination with State agencies, Federal agencies, industry groups, and other organizations, it is important that the data which is generated through Pesticide Program activities is consistent, of the highest standard and scientifically and legally defensible.

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