Massachusetts no longer offers reciprocity with any other State or Tribal Pesticide Licensing Programs. In order to be licensed in Massachusetts, you must take and pass Massachusetts Pesticide Exams.

Due to significant changes in Massachusetts pesticide regulations and additional regulatory requirements in areas of special concern to the citizens of the Commonwealth on September 3, 2003 the Massachusetts Pesticide Board voted to terminate the issuance of all reciprocal certifications to persons possessing a certification issued by the pesticide control agency of other states. Therefore, the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources will no longer issue pesticide certification renewal documents individuals that previously held reciprocal pesticide certifications. 

Currently, there is substantially less uniformity in state regulations and licensing requirements than there was when the original reciprocity agreements were signed. The Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources believes that all pesticide applicators that work in Massachusetts need to be familiar with the current regulations and requirements.  Consequently, the Department will require reciprocal certification holders to be examined in the appropriate categories in order to receive a Massachusetts pesticide certification.

Due to the previous experience of reciprocal certification holders, they were eligible to take certification examinations without first having to take the Commercial Applicator (core) License Examination.

See the Department's Pesticide Examination and License Information Bulletin to print an exam registration application, view the exam schedule and obtain additional information relative to the Massachusetts pesticide applicator license examination process. We will endeavor to make this process as simple as possible and we look forward to seeing you at an upcoming examination.