Send a Written Request: All requests to receive a duplicate pesticide credential should be sent in written format by either sending a fax to 617-626-1850 or email to All requests should include the below information. Failure to provide the following information will delay our ability to complete a proper review of the records associated with your Massachusetts pesticide credential(s) and delay the processing of your request:

  • Full Name (first name and last name)
  • Massachusetts Pesticide License Number
  • Current Address (street number; unit/apt. number; city/town; state; and zip code)
  • Telephone number where you can be reached

Please indicate if your address has changed. Most licenses and renewals get lost in the mail because we do not have your current address. Please include your old address on the request if you have moved!

Provide Notification When Changing Employers: Pesticide applicators who change employers must inform the Department of such changes. If you have changed companies, we need the following information of your new employer:

  • Company Name
  • Address (street number; city/town; state; and zip code)
  • Phone Number
  • Insurance Certificate