Active Ingredient
Use Restrictions
Product Names (EPA #)
Aminopyralid  pdf format of Aminopyralid
Milestone (62719-519) (Product Review pdf format of Product Review for Milestone Herbicide
Opensight (62719-597) (Product Review pdf format of Product review for Opensight formulation
DOW AgroSciences
Glyphosate pdf format of Glyphosate-2011.pdf
Lowest Labeled Rate for all Glyphosate products
Round Up Pro (524-475)
Glypro-Plus (62719-322)
Accord Concentrate or Rodeo (62719-324)
DOW AgroSciences 
Aquaneat Aquatic Herbicide (228-365)
Razor (228-366)
Razor-Pro (228-366)
Nu Farm Americas
While Accord Concentrate, Rodeo, Glyphosate VMF and Aquaneat all have aquatic uses, approval for their use as sensitive materials does NOT mean that they can be used for aquatic weed control, or directly applied to water, as part of a rights of way management program. Products are subject to the no-spray and limited spray provisions of 333 CMR 11.04.
Metsulfuron Methyl pdf format of Metsulfuron-methyl-2011.pdf
Lowest Labeled Rate for
all Metsulfuron Methyl Products*

Escort XP (432-1549)
Bayer CropScience

Escort XP (352-439)
EI Dupont

Patriot Selective Herbicide, (228-391)
Nu Farm Americas
Sulfometuron Methyl pdf format of Sulfometuron-methyl-2011.pdf
Lowest Labeled Rate for all Sulfometuron-Methyl Products*

Oust XP (432-1552)
Bayer CropScience

Oust XP (352-601)
EI Dupont

Spyder Selective Herbicide (228-408)
Nu Farm Americas
Metsulfuron Methyl
 Sulfometuron Methyl pdf format of Sulfometuron-methyl-2011.pdf
Lowest Labeled Rate*

Oust Extra (432-1557)
Bayer CropScience

Oust Extra (352-622)
EI Dupont

Ammonium Salt of Fosamine pdf format of Fosamine-ammonium-2011.pdf
Lowest Labeled Rate*
Krenite S (352-395)
EI Dupont
Krenite S (42750-247)
Albaugh, Inc.
Imazapyr pdf format of Imazapyr-2011.pdf
3 pints/acre every 3rd year OR
2 pints/acre every other year
for all Imazapyr Products
Arsenal (241-346)
Arsenal Powerline (241-431)
Arsenal Railroad Herbicide (241-273)
Polaris AC Complete Herbicide (228-570) (Product Review pdf format of NuFarm Polaris AC Complete Herbicide
Polaris Herbicide (228-534)
Nu Farm Americas

Triclopyr, Butoxy Ethyl Ester pdf format of Triclopyr-2011.pdf
The lowest of the following rates:

1. Between 10 feet and 50 feet of the resource: Lowest labeled rate* or  0.5 pints per acre
2. Between 50 feet and the boundary of the limited spray zone: Lowest labeled rate* or 3 pints per acre

Garlon 4 (62719-40)
Dow AgroSciences
Garlon 4 Ultra (62719-527)
Dow AgroSciences
Paclobutrazol pdf format of Paclobutrazol-Review-Jan-2012.pdf
Lowest Labeled Rate*
Cambistat (74779-3)
Rainbow Tree care

* Lowest labeled rate the minimum labeled rate of the pesticide product for the
appropriate site, pest and application method

The Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources (MDAR) makes no endorsement of any companies, organizations, persons, products, trade or brand names referenced in this Rights of Way Sensitive Area Materials List (“the list”). Active Ingredients on the list are reviewed pursuant to a Cooperative Agreement between MDAR and the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection. Only environmental fate and toxicological data, including eco-toxicological data, are reviewed when evaluating an active ingredients suitability for inclusion on the list. Inclusion on the list does not represent any endorsement by MDAR as to the efficacy of the active ingredient for rights-of-way vegetation management.