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The Department has regulatory jurisdiction over herbicide application in rights-of-way areas. The regulations (333 CMR 11.00) contain provisions for the use of herbicides as part of vegetation management in support of the functioning and use of rights-of-way areas while minimizing the potential impacts of from herbicides on human health and the environment. Specific restrictions exist for the use of herbicides in sensitive areas, which include water supplies, wetlands, state-listed species habitat, and inhabited and agricultural areas. The Department maintains a list of herbicides approved for use in these sensitive areas. The Department also reviews and approves Vegetation Management Plans (VMPs) and Yearly Operational Plans (YOPs) submitted by entities involved in rights-of-way management.

Vegetation Management and Yearly Operation Plans

Sensitive Area Material List - Approved Herbicides

Review Process for Sensitive Area Material List

Surface water monitoring of glyphosate used in Rights-of-Way Railroad Vegetation Management (2005 - 2006) pdf format of ROWMonitoringReport.pdf

Private Well Registry

Active Ingredient Factsheets:

Glyphosate Factsheet pdf format of Glyphosate-2011.pdf

Imazapyr Factsheet pdf format of Imazapyr-2011.pdf

Metsulfuron Methyl Factsheet pdf format of Metsulfuron-methyl-2011.pdf

Sulfometuron Methyl Factsheet pdf format of Sulfometuron-methyl-2011.pdf

Fosamine Ammonium Factsheet pdf format of Fosamine-ammonium-2011.pdf

Triclopyr Factsheet pdf format of Triclopyr-2011.pdf

Paclobutrazol Factsheet pdf format of Paclobutrazol-Review-Jan-2012.pdf