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    Coastal Habitat and Water Quality Specialist - CZM is seeking qualified applicants for a Coastal Habitat and Water Quality Specialist. This position will contribute to CZM’s programmatic work in coastal habitat and coastal water quality assessment and management, providing technical support for CZM’s non-point source program, including the Coastal Pollutant Remediation Grant (CPR) Program, and for various Coastal Habitat Initiatives including long-term monitoring and mapping of native and non-native species, wetland assessment, coordination of citizen science monitoring networks, and climate change adaptation planning. In addition, the Coastal Habitat and Water Quality Specialist will work with CZM’s communications team to create innovative marine and coastal science related synthesis products. Applications are due by July 20.

    Stormwater Specialists - The Buzzards Bay National Estuary Program, which is administered by CZM, is seeking qualified candidates for two Stormwater Specialist positions—one full-time and one part-time. The full-time position will principally work with municipalities providing technical assistance in an intermunicipal program that will collect and test water samples from stormwater discharges contributing to shellfish bed closures (both dry and wet weather flows), and map the collection network and catchment areas of discharges that have been identified as priorities. The job entails fieldwork, rainfall sampling, GPS data logging, and GIS mapping. The part-time position principally involves GIS database creation and management, stormwater design review, contractor management for stormwater designs, and assist in municipal stormwater management efforts. This position also includes some fieldwork and sampling, and the individual must have strong knowledge of local and state stormwater regulations. Applications for both positions are due by July 11.

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    Grants - Open Requests for Responses (RFRs)

    There are no CZM solicitations available at this time. Please check back later or see COMMBUYS - the Commonwealth's electronic procurement system for other state opportunities.

    CZM Grant Programs

    • Green Infrastructure for Coastal Resilience Grant Program - These CZM-administered grants provide municipalities and nonprofits with financial and technical resources to advance the understanding and implementation of natural or nonstructural approaches to mitigating coastal erosion and flooding problems.
    • Coastal Community Resilience Grant Program - These CZM-administered grants provide municipalities with financial and technical resources to advance new and innovative local efforts to increase awareness of climate impacts, identify vulnerabilities, and implement measures to increase community resilience (i.e., the ability to endure impacts associated with coastal storms and the effects of erosion, flooding, and sea level rise and to respond, recover, and adapt to consequences).
    • Coastal Pollutant Remediation (CPR) Program - These grants, which are administered by CZM, provide financial resources to municipalities located in the Massachusetts Coastal Watershed to assess and remediate stormwater pollution from paved surfaces and to design and construct commercial boat waste pumpout facilities.
    • Coastal and Estuarine Land Conservation Program (CELCP) - This program provides federal funding for coastal and estuarine land conservation projects.

    Other State Coastal-Related Grants