Massachusetts Ocean Management Plan Review and Revision Process

In January, 2013, on behalf of the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs (EEA), CZM initiated a process to review the Massachusetts Ocean Management Plan as required by the 2008 Oceans Act. During the first part of this process, a review document that reports on progress made to date and opportunities for enhancement was developed and reviewed by the Ocean Advisory Commission and Ocean Science Advisory Council. Following input from stakeholders through public comment and through dialogue last June, the Review of the Massachusetts Ocean Management Plan pdf format of    Review of the Massachusetts Ocean Management Plan  file size 2MB document was released in January 2014.

In June 2013, six technical work groups (focusing on habitat, fisheries, sediment resources, recreational and cultural services, transportation and navigation, and energy and infrastructure) were convened to provide expert input and to assist in the compilation and analysis of data and information that will help inform the plan revision process. The findings and recommendations of the work groups were presented for discussion and feedback at two public workshops on March 10 in Boston and March 11 in Falmouth. For more information, see the Massachusetts Ocean Plan website.

Sea Level Rise Guidance links to PDF file

In December 2013, CZM released Sea Level Rise: Understanding and Applying Trends and Future Scenarios for Analysis and Planning pdf format of    Sea Level Rise Guidance  file size 3MB , a guidance document to help coastal communities and others plan for and address potential sea level rise effects on residential and commercial development, infrastructure and critical facilities, and natural resources and ecosystems. The document includes background information on local and global sea level rise trends, summarizes the best available sea level rise projections, and provides general guidance in the selection and application of sea level rise scenarios for coastal vulnerability assessments, planning, and decision making for areas that may be at present or future risk from the effects of sea level rise.

Coastal Pollutant Remediation Grants

On December 9, 2013, $399,120 in funding awards through CZM’s Coastal Pollution Remediation (CPR) Grant Program were announced for projects to protect coastal waters in Massachusetts. Projects include local efforts to design and implement controls for runoff pollution from roadways and parking areas and to install pumpout facilities for boat sewage from commercial vessels. The grants are being matched by $154,583 from municipal sources, further extending the power of the grant program. The projects funded through this year’s CPR awards are:

  • Barnstable - $113,700 to construct a boat sewage pumpout facility in Hyannis Harbor for commercial vessels and support compliance with the South Cape and Islands No Discharge Area (NDA).
  • Bourne - $60,000 to construct a stormwater treatment system to address runoff pollution to Fisherman’s Cove in the Buzzards Bay watershed.
  • Falmouth - $9,603 to replace the heavily used pumpout station in the inner area of Falmouth Harbor and support compliance with the South Cape and Islands NDA.
  • Hingham - $21,958 to study and complete preliminary designs for a stormwater treatment system to address contaminated runoff to Walton’s Cove.
  • Kingston - $116,627 to develop final design plans and install stormwater treatment systems at key discharge locations and improve water quality and open shellfish beds within the Jones River Estuary.
  • Plymouth - $12,232 to purchase and install a pump at the Plymouth Harbor shoreside pumpout facility, prevent boat sewage discharges into Plymouth Harbor, part of the Plymouth, Kingston and Duxbury NDA.

For more information on this year’s grants, see EEA's CPR Grants Press Release.

Assessing Vulnerability of Coastal Properties

Part of CZM’s StormSmart Coasts website, the new Assessing Vulnerability of Coastal Properties was launched in June 2013 and provides resources to identify areas of the Massachusetts coast most vulnerable to erosion and flooding, including shoreline change data, Flood Insurance Rate Maps, hurricane surge inundation maps, and maps depicting coastal inundation with sea level rise.

Visualizing Sea Level Rise in MORIS

Potential extents of high tides with sea level rise are now included in the Massachusetts Ocean Resource Information System (MORIS) were released in November 2013. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) coastal inundation data were added to MORIS to allow users to interactively view mean higher high water plus one foot increments of sea level rise (up to six feet) with other information such as aerial photographs, assessor maps, public facilities and infrastructure locations, and natural resource areas. With MORIS, users can quickly create and share vulnerability maps. To access this new tool, launch MORIS through the StormSmart Coasts - Visualizing Sea Level Rise web page.


COASTSWEEP Intern - The Massachusetts Office of Coastal Zone Management (CZM) is seeking candidates for a COASTSWEEP marketing and social media intern with strong written and verbal communication skills to optimize Massachusetts’s role and visibility in the annual beach cleanup. The goal of this internship is to increase volunteer participation, event sponsorship, and public awareness of the hazards of marine debris. For details, including application instructions, see the COASTSWEEP Internship posting. Applications are due by April 16.

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Project Review/Public Comment

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