Description: freighter, steel.

The Shipwreck

Date Sunk: pre-World War II.
Cause: struck Sow and Pigs Reef, drifted off and foundered.
Location: one half mile WNW from the flashing bell buoy due NNW of Penikese Island, Buzzards Bay.
Coordinates: AWOIS; latitude 41°-28'-12"N; longitude 70°-58'-03"W.
Luther, 1958; latitude 41°-28'-00"N; longitude 70°-57'-20"W.

Three source documents list this freighter as sunk in Buzzards Bay, however the actual vessel Corvan (Corvin) does not appear to be listed in any ship registries.

The earliest account of the wreck comes from an entry in the "Automated Wreck and Obstruction Information Service (AWOIS)", NOS, 1988, listing; "27 No.569; Reported thru 1st Naval District HQ Wreck List 9/20/42; Pos. 41-28-12N, 70-58-03W. Name: Corvin"

In "Wrecks Below", 1958, author Brad Luther goes further in stating that; "the freighter Corvin is located one half mile west north west from the flashing bell buoy due north north west of Penikese Island, Buzzards Bay. Sunk for unknown reason, before World War II, no date for the sinking can be found. In recent conversation with fishermen who work in the area, they report that they hit this large wreck every now and then when dragging in the area. They also indicate that there is some kind of aircraft. This wreck should be very easy to locate and the author has started for the spot a number of times only to be delayed by weather and other reasons."


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