Description: seaplane wrecking derrick, steel
Dimensions: length 132.6 ft., width 30 ft., depth 12.4 ft.
Propulsion: diesel
Cargo: salvage gear

The Shipwreck

Date Sunk: December 1957
Location: Martha's Vineyard, North of Nomansland Island.
Coordinates: latitude 41° - 16' - 24" N; longitude 70° - 49' - 08" W.

Dive Site Conditions

Depth in feet: maximum 30
Visibility in feet:average

In 1965, Brad Luther reported that this vessel was situated with its keel up.

Historical Background

Official number: Country: U.S.A.
Other Comments: Mary Ann Class Navy wrecking derrick

The YSD designation of this class of floating crane originally applied to a self-propelled seaplane recovery vessel used at Naval air stations. YSD-11, 20, 22, and 23, constructed at the Charlestown Navy Shipyard were of this class. Later the classification was applied to non-self-propelled seaplane wrecking derricks.


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