Non-indigenous aquatic species are used by researchers and instructors for a wide variety of purposes. For the most part, species are maintained in the appropriate settings. To minimize the potential for aquatic invasive species (AIS) introductions, it is important to prevent the release of organisms used for research and education. Suppliers can help by requiring documentation for the use and handling practices of non-native species prior to shipping. Researchers and instructors can help by always using appropriate handling techniques in both the lab and field.

What you can do:

  • When ordering species, ask your supplier about their policy on handling and distributing non-indigenous species.
  • Make sure that you follow these policies when receiving and handling any live species.
  • Be sure to dispose of species properly. Do not release non-indigenous species!

Prevention efforts for research, education, and supply include:

If you have specific questions about research/education supply and AIS, please contact us.

Other targeted education efforts include: