The geospatial data presented here may be used to help demonstrate a project's eligibility for consideration under the Coastal and Estuarine Land Conservation Program (CELCP). Although an applicant is not required to use this geospatial data to demonstrate a project's eligibility, this data may help demonstrate that the proposed project falls within an area identified in the state's Coastal and Estuarine Land Conservation Plan pdf format of    Massachusetts CELC Plan  (CELC Plan) as a potential "project area." Applicants may choose to make a less accurate demonstration using the map contained within the CELC Plan itself. In all cases, CZM will make the final determination of a project's eligibility.

The CELC Plan geospatial data are available in the ESRI Shapefile format for download and display within a Geographic Information System (GIS) or GIS data viewer.* A Shapefile is a data storage format that can contain the location, shape, and attributes of geographic features represented as points, lines, and polygons. Shapefiles are stored in a set of related files typically with the following file extensions: .dbf, .shx, and .shp.

* If you don't have software to display Shapefiles, ESRI's ArcExplorer software can be downloaded for free.

Below is a list of the 78 coastal communities that comprise the geographic extent of coastal and estuarine lands as defined in the CELC Plan. Follow the instructions below, to download and view the associated geospatial data for each of these cities and towns. Please read the following disclaimer and use constraints before downloading CELCP data.


The Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs, and the Massachusetts Office of Coastal Zone Management make no warranties as to the accuracy of these data or any associated data. Any party that relies on these data or associated data as accurate does so at his, her, or its own risk. None of the above-named parties shall be liable for any discrepancies or inaccuracies present within these data or any data associated with the Coastal and Estuarine Land Conservation Program.

Use Constraints:

This dataset was produced for the sole purpose of helping applicants demonstrate whether their project is within a "project area" identified by the CELC Plan. It is intended for application at the town level—geographic areas from several hundreds to tens of thousands of acres. The appropriate map scale for viewing the CELCP data is 1:25,000. Displaying these data at scales greater than 1:25,000 (e.g., 1:10,000) could introduce horizontal positional inaccuracies that would compound those already inherent in the data. The dataset is based on MassGIS's Land Use data and should not be mistaken for parcel-based data. Appropriate parcel data was not available for use during the development of the CELC Plan.

Development of the CELC Plan's potential "project areas" pulled together source data of varying positional accuracy, map scales, source dates, and mapping techniques. CZM recognizes the limitations of these data and has provided a fail-safe measure, described in the CELC Plan, for CELCP applicants to substantiate that their project should have been designated a potential "project area" within the CELC Plan.

By using the CELCP data referenced above, the user acknowledges that the metadata pdf format of    celcp-metadata.pdf  accompanying each Shapefile has been read. A copy of the metadata is also provided with each community's CELCP data.

Download and Viewing Instructions


  1. Click on the desired community link, and choose "Save."
  2. Select a location to save the file locally, and click "Save."
  3. Navigate to folder containing the downloaded file(s). This is typically done using Windows Explorer or My Computer.
  4. The downloaded file (named "town_name.exe") contains all the necessary components for the ESRI Shapefile format (.dbf, .shx, and .shp files), in addition to ancillary files relating to map projection and metadata (.prj, .txt, and .htm files).
  5. Extract these files by double-clicking on the town_name.exe file. Six files will be extracted and placed into the folder (town_name.dbf, town_name.prj, town_name.shp, town_name.shx, celcp_metadata.htm, celcp_metadata.txt).


  1. To view these maps with existing software, simply add the downloaded shape files to your map view window.
  2. To view these maps in ArcExplorer, open the program and select "Theme", then "Add Theme" from the menu bar.
  3. Navigate to the download folder and double-click on the town's shape file.
  4. Select the check box on the left to turn on the data layer.
  5. To view town boundaries, roads and other information, download these data layers from the MassGIS Website**.

** The MassGIS Website has additional geospatial data to complement a map display of the potential "project areas" included in the CELC Plan. Types of complementary geospatial data might include but are not limited to: Town Boundaries, Roads, scanned USGS Topographic Maps (DRGs), and Orthophoto Images (aerial photography).


Contact Dave Janik at or call (508) 291-3625 x12

Data by Municipality

North Shore
Amesbury exe format of    amesbury.exe  Manchester exe format of    manchester.exe  Rockport exe format of    rockport.exe
Beverly exe format of    beverly.exe  Marblehead exe format of    marblehead.exe  Rowley exe format of    rowley.exe
Danvers exe format of    danvers.exe  Nahant exe format of    nahant.exe  Salem exe format of    salem.exe
Essex exe format of    essex.exe  Newbury exe format of    newbury.exe  Salisbury exe format of    salisbury.exe
Gloucester exe format of    gloucester.exe  Newburyport exe format of    newburyport.exe  Saugus exe format of    saugus.exe
Ipswich exe format of    ipswich.exe  Peabody exe format of    peabody.exe  Swampscott exe format of    swampscott.exe
Lynn exe format of    lynn.exe  Revere exe format of    revere.exe   
Boston Harbor
Boston exe format of    boston.exe  Everett exe format of    everett.exe  Weymouth exe format of    weymouth.exe
Braintree exe format of    braintree.exe  Milton exe format of    milton.exe  Winthrop exe format of    winthrop.exe
Chelsea exe format of    chelsea.exe  Quincy exe format of    quincy.exe   
South Shore
Cohasset exe format of    cohasset.exe  Hull exe format of    hull.exe  Pembroke exe format of    pembroke.exe
Duxbury exe format of    duxbury.exe  Kingston exe format of    kingston.exe  Plymouth exe format of    plymouth.exe
Hanover exe format of    hanover.exe  Marshfield exe format of    marshfield.exe  Scituate exe format of    scituate.exe   
Hingham exe format of    hingham.exe  Norwell exe format of    norwell.exe   
Cape Cod and Islands
Aquinnah exe format of    aquinnah.exe  Edgartown exe format of    edgartown.exe  Provincetown exe format of    provincetown.exe
Barnstable exe format of    barnstable.exe  file size 1MBFalmouth exe format of    falmouth.exe  Sandwich exe format of    sandwich.exe
Bourne exe format of    bourne.exe  Gosnold exe format of    gosnold.exe  Tisbury exe format of    tisbury.exe
Brewster exe format of    brewster.exe  Harwich exe format of    harwich.exe  Truro exe format of    truro.exe
Chatham exe format of    chatham.exe  Mashpee exe format of    mashpee.exe  Wellfleet exe format of    wellfleet.exe
Chilmark exe format of    chilmark.exe  Nantucket exe format of    nantucket.exe  West Tisbury exe format of    west_tisbury.exe
Dennis exe format of    dennis.exe  Oak Bluffs exe format of    oak_bluffs.exe  Yarmouth exe format of    yarmouth.exe
Eastham exe format of    eastham.exe  Orleans exe format of    orleans.exe   
South Coastal
Acushnet exe format of    acushnet.exe  Freetown exe format of    freetown.exe  Seekonk exe format of    seekonk.exe
Berkley exe format of    berkley.exe  Marion exe format of    marion.exe  Somerset exe format of    somerset.exe
Dartmouth exe format of    dartmouth.exe  file size 1MBMattapoisett exe format of    mattapoisett.exe  Swansea exe format of    swansea.exe
Dighton exe format of    dighton.exe  New Bedford exe format of    new_bedford.exe  Wareham exe format of    wareham.exe
Fairhaven exe format of    fairhaven.exe  Rehoboth exe format of    rehoboth.exe  Westport exe format of    westport.exe
Fall River exe format of    fall_river.exe