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Marinas, yacht clubs, and boatyards provide critical services to the boating public—maintaining, mooring, fueling, storing, and launching vessels of all kinds. While modern facilities and efficient service are essential, clean water is a key attribute of successful boating-based businesses. The Massachusetts Clean Marina Guide, which was released by the Massachusetts Office of Coastal Zone Management (CZM) in 2001, is designed as a reference for owners and operators of marine boating facilities, collectively referred to as “marinas.” It provides information on cost-effective strategies and practices to reduce marina and boating impacts on the coastal environment. 

To order a hardcopy of the handbook, please email with your name and mailing address or call CZM Information Line at (617) 626-1212.

Complete Guide

Massachusetts Clean Marina Guide pdf format of    cmg-complete.pdf  file size 4MB - 2001

By Chapter

Cover and Table of Contents pdf format of    cmg-toc.pdf  file size 1MB

Chapter One: Introduction pdf format of    cmg-ch1.pdf

Chapter Two: The Coastal Environment and Pollution Impacts pdf format of    cmg-ch2.pdf

Chapter Three: Clean Marina Operations and Management pdf format of    cmg-ch3.pdf

Chapter Four: Activities and Environmental Practice pdf format of    cmg-ch4.pdf  file size 1MB
     4.1 - Hull Maintenance and Cleaning pdf format of    cmg-4-1.pdf  - Updated 2007
     4.2 - Boat Cleaning pdf format of    cmg-4-2.pdf
     4.3 - Engine Maintenance pdf format of    cmg-4-3.pdf
     4.4 - Bilge Water Handling pdf format of    cmg-4-4.pdf
     4.5 - Fueling pdf format of    cmg-4-5.pdf
     4.6 - Spill Response pdf format of    cmg-4-6.pdf
     4.7 - Boat Sewage and Wastewater Management pdf format of    cmg-4-7.pdf
     4.8 - Shoreside Facilities and Pet Waste Management pdf format of    cmg-4-8.pdf
     4.9 - Solid Waste Management pdf format of    cmg-4-9.pdf
     4.10 - Hazardous Materials and Hazardous Waste Management pdf format of    cmg-4-10.pdf
     4.11 - Fish Waste Management pdf format of    cmg-4-11.pdf
     4.12 - Stormwater Management pdf format of    cmg-4-12.pdf
     4.13 - Boat Operations pdf format of    cmg-4-13.pdf

Chapter Five: New and Expanding Marinas pdf format of    cmg-ch5.pdf

Chapter Six: Major Regulatory Programs pdf format of    cmg-ch6.pdf

Chapter Seven: Pulling It Together—The Marina Environmental Management Plan pdf format of    cmg-ch7.pdf

Appendices pdf format of    cmg-appendices.pdf

Index and Acknowledgements pdf format of    cmg-index.pdf

Addendum to the Massachusetts Clean Marina Guide

A Guide to Selecting Pressure Washing Management Practices and Technologies: Supplement to the Massachusetts Clean Marina Guide pdf format of    Pressure Washing Guidance  file size 1MB - a comprehensive guide to pressure washing at marinas.

Also Included with the Clean Marina Guide

Boater Fact Sheets pdf format of    Boater Fact Sheets  - printer-ready fact sheets to help boaters reduce environmental impacts of boating.


Please contact Robin Lacey, CZM's Marina Technical Assistance Specialist, if you have any questions related to clean marinas.

Robin Lacey
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