Man Pressure Washing Boat

One of the most challenging environmental issues faced by Massachusetts boatyards, yacht clubs, and marinas today is the proper handling and disposal of pressure washwater. Contaminated washwater generated as a result of hull cleaning and maintenance activities may contain metals, oil and grease, and organic materials that can pollute the clean coastal waters and productive habitats on which the marina industry depends. As a result, a variety of laws and regulations have been enacted to limit the discharge of contaminants associated with pressure washing activities. With careful planning and site assessment work, marina operators can devise and implement appropriate pressure washing practices that are both compliant with regulations and pose a minimal threat to coastal environments. The Massachusetts Office of Coastal Zone Management (CZM) has developed the following resources to assist boatyards, yacht clubs, and marinas.

Please contact Robin Lacey, CZM's Marina Technical Assistance Specialist, if you have any questions about pressure washing or would like a hard copy of the pressure washing guide.

Robin Lacey
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