Below are the tables of contents for these issues of Coastlines.*

August 1977

  • Massachusetts Coastal Zone Management Program; an Overview, p. 1.
  • The CZM Boundary, p. 2.
  • The Policies: Marine Environment, Coastal Hazards, Visual Environment, Ports and Harbors, Recreation, Energy, Development and Public Interest, p. 2.
  • The Policies Applied—The Management Program, p. 4.
  • What Can Occur in the Coastal Zone?, p. 5.
  • A Program for the Future: Areas for Preservation or Restoration, p. 6.

October 1977

  • Draft Environmental Impact Statement for CZM Plan Completed, p. 1.
  • Questions and Answers on CZM, p. 2.
  • Implementation of CZM, p. 4.
  • Ten Coastal Regions Established, p. 4.

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