Below are the tables of contents for these issues of Newslines and Coastlines.*

July 13, 1981

  • Revitalization of Chelsea's Waterfront, p. 1.
  • Boston Harbor Cumulative Impact Study Planned, p. 1.
  • Coastal Hazards—Mapping Barrier Beaches Begins, p. 1.
  • Implementing FEMA's 1362 Program, p. 1.
  • OCS Plans and Exploration, p. 2.
  • CEIP Program—Scituate Receives Loan, p. 2.
  • Red Tide Study on North Shore, p. 2.

August 24, 1981

  • Mass Audubon Slide Show on Georges Bank and the OCS Issue, p. 1.
  • Technical Assistance to Salt Marsh Management in Yarmouth, p. 1.
  • Seven Property Owners in Hull Expressed Interest in Participating in FEMA's 1362 Program, p. 1.
  • Coastal Hazards Mapping for South Shore to Begin, p. 1.
  • Public Access in Beverly Negotiated, p. 1.
  • Task Force Established to Develop a Remediation Plan for PCBs in the Acushnet Estuary, p. 2.

September 7, 1981

  • CZM Submits Application for Preacquisition Grant from Federal CZM to Consider Waquoit Bay as a National Estuarine Research Reserve, p. 1.
  • CZM Sponsors Dredging Workshop, p. 1.
  • Improvement and Expansion of Tenean Beach in Boston Underway, p. 1.
  • Beverly Receives CEIP Grant for Public Landing, p. 1.
  • CZM Sends Notices of Consistency on Continental Shelf Oil Sales, p. 2.
  • CZM Funds DEQE Biologist to Enforce Coastal Wetlands Regulations, p. 2.

December 28, 1981

  • CZM Approves Oil and Gas Exploration and Environmental Reports for Continental Shelf, p. 1.
  • Environmental Affairs Secretary Sent to Washington to Argue State's Case Regarding Oil and Gas Leasing on the Continental Shelf, p. 1.
  • Federal CZM Denies Attempt to Advance Nantucket Sound as a National Marine Sanctuary, p. 1.
  • Upcoming Legislation of Concern to the Coastal Zone, p. 2.
  • Plymouth Receives Community Assistance Grant for Town Wharf, p. 2.


Spring 1981

  • Governor King Takes Environmental Initiatives, p. 1.
  • Oil Spill Contingency Planning Program, p. 1.
  • The Barrier Beach, p. 2.
  • CSO Resolution on Barrier Islands and Beaches, p. 3.
  • Critical Coastal Wetlands Protection, p. 3.
  • 1980 CEIP (Oil Spill Planning) Grants Awarded, p. 3.
  • Pocasset River Designated ACEC, p. 4.
  • New Staff at CZM, p. 5.
  • Budget Problems Coming Up, p. 5.

Summer 1981

  • PCBs in New Bedford, p. 1.
  • Boston Harbor Islands State Park Open to Public, p. 1.
  • Update on OCS Activities, p. 2.
  • New Program for Damaged Coastal Property under NFIA, p. 3.

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