Below are the tables of contents for these issues of Newslines and Coastlines.*


January 31, 1983

  • James Hoyte New Secretary at Environmental Affairs, p. 1.
  • CZM Makes Available Information on Identifying Barrier Beaches, p. 1.
  • Groundbreaking on City Landing Project at Old Ferry Way, p. 1.
  • Secretary Hoyte Notifies Interior Secretary of Lease Sites that Are Inconsistent with CZM, p. 2.
  • New Federal Land and Water Conservation Funds for Massachusetts Announced, p. 2.
  • "Areas of Critical Environmental Concern; Site Summaries and Regulations" Is Released, p. 2.

February 14, 1983

  • Update on Hoosic Pier Redevelopment in Charlestown, p. 1.
  • MDC Announces Plan for Redesign Nut Island Sewage Treatment Plant in Quincy, p. 1.
  • New York Report Traces Incidences of Shellfish Illness to Massachusetts, p. 1.
  • Secretary Hoyte Rejects Interior's Compromise Proposal on OCS Leases, p. 1.
  • EPA Proposes Amendments to the Federal Water Quality Regulations, p. 2.
  • DEQE Releases New Regulations to the Wetlands Protection Act, p. 2.

March 14, 1983

  • Interior Department Developing Plan for Private Landowners to Opt into Coastal Barrier Resources Act (CBRA) System, p. 1.
  • Public Hearings on Swordfish Management Plan to Be Held, p. 1.
  • Mesh Size for Groundfish Increased, p .1.
  • Secretary Hoyte Accepts Nomination of Portions of Thompson's Island as ACEC, p. 2.

April 18, 1983

  • Falmouth Becomes First Town to Codify ACEC Designation, p. 1.
  • Public Hearings Scheduled for Bluefish, Striped Bass, Sea Scallops, p. 1.
  • Senate Submits Bills on OCS Revenue Sharing, p. 2.

May 16, 1983

  • New Procedures for Receiving Land and Water Conservation Fund Grants, p. 1.
  • New Amendments for Reauthorization of Marine Sanctuaries Program, p. 1.
  • Compromise Bill on OCS Passes the House, p. 1.
  • EOEA not Pleased with New Corps State General Permit Program, p. 2.

June 6, 1983

  • Public Hearing Held on Proposed Dorchester/Quincy Bay ACEC, p. 1.
  • Boston Harbor Water Quality Committee Created, p. 1.
  • Environmental Impact Report on Cape Cod Bay Dredge Disposal Sites Being Developed, p. 1.
  • NMFS Schedules Boston Harbor Research Cruise, p. 1.
  • OCS Sales Tied Up in Courts, p. 2.

June 20, 1983

  • Winners of Spectacle Island Design Competition Announced, p. 1.
  • Boston Harbor Water Quality Committee Meets, p. 1.
  • Department of Interior Accepting Applications for Inclusion into CBRA System, p. 2.
  • Draft EIS Received for OCS Lease Sale 82, p. 2.

July 1983

  • "Alternative" Hearing to Be Held on OCS Sale 82, p. 1.
  • New Advisories in Hurricane Warning System, p. 1.

August 1983

  • CZM Sponsoring Conference on Tidelands Management, p. 1.
  • Meeting Held for Future Dredging of the Merrimack River Inlet, p. 1.
  • U.S. Coast Guard Issues Scuba Diving Regulations, p. 1.
  • Atlantic Bluefin Tuna Fishery Closed, p. 2.
  • Secretary Hoyte Decides not to Designate Dorchester/Quincy Bay ACEC, p. 2.
  • Site Evaluation List of Potential Marine Sanctuaries Released, p. 2.


Winter 1983

  • New Secretary of Environmental Affairs—James Hoyte, p. 1.
  • Local Coastal Management Efforts, p. 1.
  • Summary of 1982 Programs, Including Dorchester Waterfront Plan, ACECs, Wetlands Restriction Program, etc., p. 2.
  • Five Years After the Blizzard of '78, p. 4.
  • Reintroduction of the OCS Revenue Sharing Bill, p. 6.

Spring 1983

  • Spectacle Island—Its Role in the Harbor Islands State Park, p. 1.
  • An Update on Marine Sanctuaries, p. 1.
  • 1983 CZM Legislation, p. 2.
  • List of 14 CZM Publications Available to the Public, p. 3.

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