The Massachusetts Office of Coastal Zone Management’s (CZM) Mapping and Data Management Program produces maps and updates jurisdictional boundaries to define and describe important features of the coastal zone. The following delineation projects have been completed:

  • Massachusetts Coastal Zone Boundary - As part of the update of the Massachusetts Office of Coastal Zone Management Policy Guide - October 2011—the official statement of the Massachusetts coastal program policies and legal authorities—CZM’s Mapping and Data Management Program updated the official coastal zone boundary. A boundary description pdf format of    CZM Boundary Description  , GIS shapefile zip format of    GIS Shapefile of CZM Boundary  , and Google Earth file kmz format of    Google Earth File of CZM Boundary  are available.
  • No Discharge Area (NDA) Mapping - NDAs are designated bodies of water where the discharge of all boat sewage, whether treated or not, is prohibited. To support CZM’s efforts to work with coastal communities to designate all coastal waters as no discharge, CZM’s Mapping and Data Management Program updates the official statewide boundary map as each NDA is designated.
  • Designated Port Area (DPA) Boundary Maps - In 2011, CZM updated the DPA boundary maps and descriptions. The previously effective maps were available in hard-copy format only, and in some cases, boundaries were ambiguous.
  • Chapter 91 Boundaries - Massachusetts General Law Chapter 91 is the Commonwealth's primary tool for protection and promotion of public use of tidelands and other waterways. Chapter 91 regulates activities on coastal waterways, including construction and dredging and filling in tidelands. CZM’s Mapping and Data Management Program has mapped the presumed extent of Chapter 91 jurisdiction along the coast, for reference when filing Chapter 91 applications. These data layers are available through CZM’s online mapping tool, the Massachusetts Ocean Resource Information System, or MORIS.