The Massachusetts Ocean Management Task Force was appointed in June of 2003 and charged with investigating ocean use trends and existing governance mechanisms; drafting recommendations for administrative, regulatory, and statutory changes; and developing ocean management principles that address the pace and complexity of emerging opportunities and challenges. The Task Force was staffed by the Massachusetts Office of Coastal Management (CZM). Below are links to general information on the Task Force and the Task Force reports and recommendations.

General Information on the Task Force

The Massachusetts Ocean Management Task Force was chaired by Dr. Susan F. Tierney and included 22 members (state and local officials and private individuals representing diverse ocean user groups). The Task Force met between June 2003 and March 2004.

Task Force Reports and Recommendations

In March of 2004, after nine months of concerted effort, the Task Force released the Waves of Change report (which includes 16 recommendations for proactively managing ocean resources) and the accompanying Massachusetts Ocean Management Task Force Technical Report.