The Massachusetts Ocean Management Plan was promulgated on December 31, 2009. An electronic copy of the plan can be downloaded from the Massachusetts Ocean Management Plan website.

The following typographical/printing errors have been noted in the promulgated version of the plan:

Volume 1

  1. On page 2-15, the correct figure reference in the footnote should be 2-19.
  2. On page 2-19, the title for Table 2-5 should read as follows:

    Table 2-5 - Siting and performance standards for cables and pipelines (see Figures 2-23 and 2-24)
  3. Figure 2-21 should include intertidal flats as a special, sensitive, or unique resource, as referenced in Table 2-3 on page 2-13.

Volume 2

  1. Table 4-6 of the Baseline Assessment (page BA-53) contained misspelled species names, which are correct in this edited table 4-6 pdf format of BA Table 4.6
  2. Due to a printer error, Figure 6.3 of the Baseline Assessment is missing the data layers. See the correct Figure 6.3 pdf format of BA 6.3
file size 1MB with its intended layers.