From Salisbury to Westport, the 1,519 miles of Massachusetts coastline include hundreds of sites to visit—from sandy beaches to rocky shorelines, bustling harbors, quiet coves, and much, much more. To help the public get to and enjoy the coast, the Massachusetts Office of Coastal Zone Management (CZM) is developing Coast Guide Online. This online mapping tool will pinpoint all of coastal sites in Massachusetts that are open to the public for swimming, walking, hiking, boating, fishing, and other outdoor activities. If you can drive to it, walk to it, or kayak to it, and it's open to the public, Coast Guide Online will map it! As of spring 2013, all federal, state, and county coastal public access sites have been mapped; town and land conservation organization sites will be added as soon as possible.

These coastal public access sites are mapped in Google Earth, an easy-to-use and powerful online mapping tool, where each public location is tagged with a name, owner, web link, and picture (if available). Users may use additional Google Earth offerings, such as user photos, trails, and places of interest, to create a customized map that they can print, send to friends, or save for later. More adventurous users may get driving directions to specific sites, import GPS data, and set custom annotated place markers on locations of interest.

You must install the Google Earth application to use Coast Guide Online; download the latest version of Google Earth for desktop or mobile.

Then click Coast Guide Online kml format of Coast Guide Online Link
to launch the site.

PLEASE NOTE: Despite extensive quality control efforts, individual ownership of all parcels has not been independently verified. CZM makes no representations or warranties with respect to the definitiveness of the public or private ownership data presented in the Coast Guide Online. All issues related to questions of ownership of coastal property should be investigated at the local Registry of Deeds. The User assumes the entire risk associated with the use of these data.

Tips for Using Coast Guide Online

  • Photos - To turn on high quality photos of the access site and local area, look in the left menu of Google Earth. In the “Primary Database” under the “Layers” panel, click the check box next to “Photos.”
  • Map Labels - Label local towns, water bodies, and islands by making sure “Labels” is checked on the Google Earth left menu. In the “Primary Database” under the “Layers” panel, click the arrow next to “Borders and Labels” to expand that category and then make sure that “Labels” is checked.
  • Save for Future Use - Save Coast Guide Online so that it launches every time Google Earth is opened by clicking “Save” when you close Google Earth.

See the Google Earth user guide for additional information.