Beach Plum Sea Rocket Bearberry

Landscaping on the Massachusetts coast is no easy task. The wind, salt spray, occasional far-reaching storm waves, and shifting, parched, sandy soils can thwart even the most seasoned gardeners. But with the right plants, you can attain a flourishing coastal landscape and spend less time, money, and labor in the process. Other rewards include: enhanced visual appeal of your coastal property, preservation of the natural character of the coastal environment, habitat for wildlife, a filter for pollution, and natural protection from storm damage and erosion.

This website from the Massachusetts Office of Coastal Zone Management (CZM) provides the following information on coastal landscaping in the Bay State:

Benefits of Coastal Landscaping

Landscaping a Coastal Bank

Landscaping a Coastal Beach or Dune

Tips for Planting, Installation, and Maintenance

Coastal Landscaping - Do You Need a Permit?

Plant List (Species Appropriate for the Massachusetts Coast)

Plant Highlights and Images (Species Appropriate for the Massachusetts Coast)

Sample Landscape Plans

Where to Purchase Native Plants

Links to Other Resources

Photos: Beach Plum and Sea Rocket - Alexey Zinovjev and Irina Kadis, Salicicola; Bearberry - G.A. Cooper, courtesy of Smithsonian Institution