Originally called StormSmart Coasts, the StormSmart Communities program was developed by the Massachusetts Office of Coastal Zone Management (CZM) to help local officials prepare for and protect their communities from coastal storms and flooding—both now and under higher sea levels. For details on the origins of the program, see About StormSmart Communities.

The StormSmart Communities website, which was revised in May of 2013, includes the following information:


As part of the StormSmart Communities program, CZM has produced the following coastal floodplain management publications:

Pilot Projects

From 2009-2011, CZM conducted five pilot projects to implement StormSmart techniques. The goal was to provide "direct in-community" technical assistance to help local officials effectively adopt these strategies and tools and to develop models that could be used by other communities. The following seven communities participated in these pilot projects:

Funding Sources

Funding sources are available for community projects that focus on reducing risk to life and property. See StormSmart Communities - Funding Sources for details.

Other Frequently Requested Information

The following StormSmart Communities materials are frequently accessed from the CZM website:

National Network

The early success of StormSmart Coasts in Massachusetts quickly led to the development of a national network. The StormSmart Coasts National Network website provides local decision makers with information on erosion, flooding, storms, and sea level rise and helps them connect and collaborate.