Hurricane Bob
Hurricane Bob - 1991

We've all seen it on the news. Long lines at the grocery stores and empty shelves at home supply warehouses as the hurricane bears down on some unfortunate coastal community. Like most things in life, the time to prepare for a hurricane is well before you hear warnings on your local radio station. With hurricane season in Massachusetts starting on June 1 and peaking in August and September, the time to prepare is the beginning of spring and throughout the summer, especially if a storm is approaching. Any named storm in the Bahamas has the potential to hit New England, so stay tuned to the local weather forecasts and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's (NOAA) Weather Radio, and see CZ-Tip - The Complete Guide to Online Hurricane Tracking for Massachusetts for more on how to keep an eye on the storms. Also, use the information below to help you prepare to weather any storm that comes this way.

Hurricane guides and general information

NOAA's National Hurricane Center  ♦  NOAA's Hurricane Research Division  ♦  New Bedford's What Is a Hurricane?  ♦  Unisys Weather: Hurricane/Tropical Data  ♦  Weather Underground: Hurricanes and Tropical Cyclones

Protecting yourself and your family before, during, and after the storm

Federal Emergency Management Agency(FEMA) Hurricanes  ♦  NOAA's Hurricane Preparedness  ♦  American Red Cross Hurricane Preparedness  ♦  Clemson University Extension's Hurricane Preparedness  ♦  National Hurricane Preparedness Week  ♦  Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) Hurricane Safety Tips  ♦  MEMA Hurricane Evacuation Zones

Disaster kits's Build a Kit  ♦  American Red Cross Get a Survival Kit  ♦  Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) Build an Emergency Kit

Developing an emergency plan for your family's Make a Plan  ♦  The Weather Channel Family Preparedness Plan  ♦  American Red Cross Family Disaster Plan

Protecting your home

Protecting Your Home from Hurricane Wind Damage by the American Red Cross, FEMA, and others  ♦ Using Freeboard to Elevate Structures above Predicted Floodwaters from the Massachusetts Office of Coastal Zone Management (CZM)

Protecting your pets's Caring for Animals  ♦  Humane Society's Disaster Preparedness for Pets  ♦  ASPCA’s Disaster Preparedness  ♦  ADT's Protecting Your Pets from Natural Disasters

Protecting your boat

U.S. Coast Guard's Storm Warnings Page with a Section on How Do I Prepare My Boat, Trailer or Myself Before a Hurricane?  ♦  BoatU.S. Hurricane Resource Center  ♦  Hurricane Preparedness Plan: Marina/Yacht Club/Municipal Anchorage pdf format of hurricane-plan-marina.pdf
 ♦  FEMA Major Storm Preparedness: Aware Boater Checklist pdf format of boater-storm-factsheet.pdf
 ♦  10 Ways to Prepare Your Boat for Hurricane Season from

Learn about and track hurricanes

CZM's CZ-Tip - The Complete Guide to Online Hurricane Tracking for Massachusetts  ♦  Coastlines 2002, the CZM magazine, focuses on hurricanes and the potential impacts to Massachusetts pdf format of Coastlines 2002 - Hurricanes
file size 4MB  ♦  Saffir/Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale from the National Weather Service (NWS)  ♦  Atlantic Basin Hurricane Tracking Chart from NOAA  ♦  Hurricane Names from NWS  ♦  Colorado State University's Atlantic Seasonal Hurricane Forecast  ♦  FEMA's Hurricanes...Unleashing Nature's Fury  ♦  NOAA's Historical Hurricane Tracks Tool  ♦  NOAA's FAQ: Hurricanes, Typhoons, and Tropical Cyclones  ♦  NOAA's Reason to Name Hurricanes

New England hurricanes

Significant Historical Massachusetts Hurricanes  ♦  The 1938 Hurricane from the National Hurricane Center  ♦  Hurricane Carol and Hurricane Edna, 1954, from the National Hurricane Center

Additional information

FEMA National Flood Insurance Program  ♦  Floods from Electrical Safety Foundation International  ♦  The Hurricane Hunters Association

Photo: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration