MCRT - Norwottuck Branch Rail Trail Rehabilitation Project

The Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) and the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) Highway Division are working together to rehabilitate of the oldest sections of the 10.6 mile Norwottuck Rail Trail, which extends from Northampton to Belchertown, MA.  Design funding has been provided through a state and federal partnership between DCR, MassDOT, and the Federal Highway Administration.  

Forestry Public Notices

There are 3.2 million acres of privately and publicly owned forest land in Massachusetts of which 310,000 acres are State Forests, Parks and Reservations. Municipal watershed lands cover 245,000 acres and there are 351 municipalities with associated urban trees and forests. The Bureau serves all of these owners and the forest they care for through the programs listed below. If you have questions or simply care about the forests of Massachusetts this is a good place to start.

ACEC Designations

Below is an alphabetical list of ACECs, with numbers that correspond to the statewide map pdf format of MA Area of Critical Environmental Concern Map in B & W
file size 1MB of MA Area of Critical Environmental Concern Map . Each ACEC name links to a summary sheet with further information. There is also a complete list of ACECs pdf format of Massachusetts Areas of Critical Environmental Concern
of Massachusetts Areas of Critical Environmental Concern and the 76 towns that have ACECs within them. There are currently 30 ACEC designations, totaling approximately 268,000 acres statewide.

Forest Legacy Program

The Forest Legacy Program is a partnership between participating States and the USDA Forest Service to identify and help protect environmentally important forests from conversion to non-forest uses. The main tool used for protecting these important forests is conservation easements. The Federal government may fund up to 75% of program costs, with at least 25% coming from private, state or local sources.