The Archaeology Program ensures that the agency is in compliance with existing laws and regulations regarding the preservation of archaeological resources. The staff archaeologist provides technical assistance to construction projects that are planned on DCR properties to guarantee that known or potential archaeological resources are not adversely affected. The DCR archaeologist conducts archaeological surveys, under permit by the MA State Archaeologist. The staff archaeologist provides in-house training for DCR land managers and interpreters, and is dedicated to educating the public on these non-renewable resources through programming and presentations. Because of the sensitive nature of cultural resources, the archaeological record listed in the Massachusetts Historical Commission’s Inventory of Historic and Archaeological Assets M.G.L.c.9, ss26A(1); M.G.L. c.40, ss 8D is not a public record, a precaution against disclosing site locations and enabling looting.

Contact: Ellen Berkland, M.A., R.P.A. 617-626-1377