2005 – Total amount available = $25,000

Parker River/Essex Bay ACEC. Award = $3,492. Applicant: Massachusetts Audubon Society

  • Through targeted outreach to municipal officials and the general public, Mass Audubon is assisting the Essex Planning Board to present concepts and a model bylaw of Open Space Residential Design for consideration at their spring 2006 Town Meeting. Funding is also supporting development of recommendations for future smart growth techniques. OSRD has been adopted by the other four Parker River/Essex Bay ACEC communities and Essex is the "missing link". This project overlaps with recent EOEA initiatives on Smart Growth and Low Impact Development.

Sandy Neck/Barnstable Harbor ACEC. Award = $5,000. Applicant: Association to Preserve Cape Cod

  • APCC is monitoring salt marshes prioritized for tidal restoration in the Sandy Neck/Barnstable Harbor ACEC. This project provides 1) a creative approach to increase awareness and stewardship of salt marshes through direct study of their ecology; 2) conducts restoration monitoring at designated priority salt marsh restoration sites; 3) provides data to state partners for use in identifying and prioritizing future restoration efforts; and 4) evaluates the success of restoration projects.

Parker River/Essex Bay ACEC. Award = $8,351. Applicant: Eight Towns and the Bay/Merrimack Valley Planning Commission

  • The MassBays local governance committee Eight Towns and the Bay is collecting data to provide initial documentation of emergent and established invasive Phragmites plant stands in the Newbury portion of the Parker River/Essex Bay ACEC. This data will be used to outreach and solicit support and funding from marsh stakeholders to establish a monitoring and remediation plan to restore saltmarsh. This work is supported by a recommendation from a recent report by the Tufts University Urban Environmental Planning Department to establish a Phragmites evaluation and monitoring program in ACEC communities.

Rumney Marshes ACEC. Award = $7,500. Applicant: Saugus River Watershed Council

  • The SRWC is working in partnership with DCR to develop a site improvement plan for the DCR conservation land located along Eastern Ave. in Saugus. The plan outlines steps for transforming this site from a hot spot for illegal dumping in the Rumney Marshes ACEC into a gateway for public access. SRWC will: 1) implement community cleanups to remove significant amounts of debris from the site, 2) conduct public outreach and community meetings for site planning, 3) develop a site improvement plan (including public access improvements, barriers to illegal dumping, and stormwater management controls), and 4) begin developing permitting for the plan. DCR Urban Parks Division, in concert with a private partner, the Saugus Italian American Club, is committed to seeing the project through to completion.

2004 – Total amount available = $25,000

Parker River/Essex Bay ACEC. Award = $10,000. Applicant: Town of Newbury Planning Board

  • An Estuarine Resource Management Plan (RMP) was created for the Town of Newbury. This plan reviewed current conditions, human uses, and trends in the natural resources of the estuary and identified priority issues and recommendations. The product is being incorporated into the Town’s master plan and was developed in partnership with local, state, county, and regional partners.

Herring River ACEC. Award = $2,800. Applicant: Town of Bourne Conservation Commission

  • The Town of Bourne created signage, provided educational trail maps, and installed a pet waste station in the Herring River Watershed ACEC and the Carter Beal conservation area. Signage and maps highlight the region’s environmental and historic significance, outline walking trails, and provide information on the importance of the ACEC.

Parker River/Essex Bay ACEC. Award = $5,500. Applicant: Essex County Community Foundation

  • ECCF held a workshop pdf format of Essex County Community Foundation Workshop
to highlight smart growth tools and strategies and discuss successes and challenges with their implementation. Fact sheets, sample tools, and a summary of the workshop are posted on ECCF’s website

Pleasant Bay ACEC. Award = $5,950. Applicant: Pleasant Bay Alliance

  • This project 1) purchased and installed 20 mutt mitt dispensers, refills, and informational signs at heavily used public access locations around Pleasant Bay; and 2) designed and produced a public information brochure distributed with pet licenses, beach sticker purchases, and at pet supply stores. The brochure describes the problems associated with pet waste and the importance of proper disposal.

Wellfleet Audubon. Award = $2,500. Applicant: Mass. Audubon Wellfleet Sanctuary

  • Funding was used to provide three free educational programs that addressed habitat restoration, wildlife, and coastal development. These programs helped inform public participation in the Wellfleet Harbor Management Plan and preceded the second annual Wellfleet Harbor conference.

Weir River ACEC. Award = $750. Applicant: Weir River Watershed Association

  • The Weir River Watershed Association developed signage for the Weir River Estuary Center building, a center for public education about the estuary.

2003 – Total amount available = $25,000

Wellfleet Harbor ACEC. Award = $2,990. Applicant: Massachusetts Audubon

  • A series of five free field programs Link to the image file. for citizens and officials of Wellfleet and Eastham was held to highlight the natural history and ecology of the Wellfleet Harbor ACEC. The goal was to educate the public before a State of the Harbor conference held later in the year. The participatory programs included: marine life cruise, canoeing the bay, the importance of shellfish, and a family tidal flats walk.

Weir River ACEC. Award = $9,000. Applicant: Town of Hull

  • A land protection plan and canoe/kayak access guide pdf format of Weir River Canoe and Kayak Access Guide
were developed for this ACEC. The plan followed a recent open space inventory by identifying key land parcels and strategies for their protection. The brochure helped make the ACEC accessible to the public and build a constituency interested in resource protection.

Rumney Marshes ACEC. Award = $7,000. Applicant: Saugus R. Watershed Council

  • This project followed the initial work of the 2002 grant award by continuing the pollution prevention program. A brochure pdf format of Rumney Marshes ACEC
for the ACEC and an inventory of pollution sources was completed to expand public knowledge about pollution and the significance of the natural resources. The inventory is a resource for non-profit organizations, landowners, and municipal officials.

Parker River/Essex Bay ACEC. Award = $6,000. Applicant: Eight Towns and the Bay

  • A suite of outreach materials including signage (plaque Link to the image file. and poster Link to the image file. ), brochures (front Link to the image file. and back Link to the image file. ), and maps was developed to educate the general public about river herring and their vital connection to the ACEC. The materials completed and drew upon data from ongoing volunteer fish counts, leveraging the publicity and success of those efforts.

2002 – Total amount available = $10,000

Pocasset River ACEC. Award = $2,500. Applicant: Town of Bourne

  • Signs were developed and installed at key points in the ACEC. The goal of the project was to inform and educate the public about the Pocasset River ACEC. Large sign Link to the image file. | Small sign Link to the image file.

Parker River/Essex Bay ACEC. Award = $2,500. Applicant: Massachusetts Audubon

  • A PowerPoint slide show was developed for the ACEC. The presentation was also scripted, packaged, and made available to communities in the Great Marsh. Information includes background on the economic significance of the region as well at its natural history, culture, and recreational use.

Rumney Marshes ACEC. Award = $5,000. Applicant: Saugus R. Watershed Council

  • A Rumney Marsh Pollution Prevention Project was developed with a series of outreach, planning, environmental monitoring, education, and advocacy efforts aimed at identifying and reducing sources of pollution pdf format of Rumney Marshes Pet Waste Brochure
to Rumney Marsh. This project promoted environmental stewardship and resource management by engaging volunteers, public officials, and youths in hands-on pollution prevention activities. (Saugus River Watershed Council)