Designation Date: 7/17/00
Total Approximate Acreage: 8,700
Watershed(s): Blackstone and Sudbury-Assabet-Concord (or SuAsCo)
Municipalities (acres; % of ACEC): Grafton (3,010; 35%), Hopkinton (460; 5%), Upton 5,230; 60%)

Resource Summary

The resources of the Miscoe, Warren and Whitehall Watersheds ACEC are located in portions of five sub-watersheds. They include Miscoe Brook, located principally in Grafton; Warren Brook, located principally in Upton; a small portion of a sub-watershed, located principally in Hopkinton, which flows to Whitehall Reservoir; and portions of two other small sub-watersheds. The distinguishing characteristics of these sub-watersheds are that they are located at the headwaters of their respective watersheds; provide crucial inputs of high quality surface water to downstream waters and communities; and share a large expanse of unfragmented and diverse wildlife habitat and public and private open space extending across drainage divides and municipal borders.

The area provides important surface water and ground water inputs to public drinking water supplies. Rare species habitats for five state-listed species are located throughout the ACEC. The Miscoe Brook watershed contains a large, unique and valuable wetlands complex, the Great Meadow system, and the water quality of both Miscoe and Warren Brooks supports prized native brook trout populations. Agriculture and forestry are important components of the overall resource complex. The area contains unique and highly significant archaeological and historical resources. A large portion of the ACEC in Grafton is included in the 1982 Massachusetts Scenic Landscape Inventory.

Please see full Resource Summary pdf format of Areas of Critical Environmental Concern Miscoe, Warren
for more information.

Water bodies included (partially or entirely) in the ACEC

  • Lakes, Ponds: Silver Lake, Cider Mill Pond (Grafton); Lake Wildwood, Baker Pond, Davidson Pond, Dean Pond (Upton); other small, unnamed ponds (Grafton, Upton)
  • Brooks, Creeks: Miscoe Brook (Grafton, Upton), Flagg Brook (Grafton), Warren Brook (Upton); other small, unnamed brooks (Grafton, Hopkinton, Upton)