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Massachusetts Assessment of Need pdf format of Approval of Massachusetts Assessment of Need
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The original Massachusetts Assessment of Need was approved in August 1993.  It established the original 5 Forest Legacy Areas.


Nashua River Greenway Forest Legacy Area Expansion, 2001 pdf format of Nashua River Greenway Forest Legacy Area Expansion
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Expanded the original Nashua River Greenway FLA.

North Quabbin Corridor Forest Legacy Area Expansion, 2010 pdf format of North Quabbin Corridor FL Expansion
file size 3MB
Expanded the original North Quabbin Corridor FLA.

Heritage Corridor Forest Legacy Area, 2013 pdf format of Heritage Corridor Forest Legacy Area Amendment
file size 4MB
Established a new FLA in south-central Massachusetts.

Western Mass Forest Legacy Area, 2016 pdf format of Western Mass FLA
file size 4MB
The most recent amendment to our Assessment of Need established a new Forest Legacy Area in Western Massachusetts.  Three existing FLAs - Connecticut Valley, Stockbridge Yokun Ridge, and Taconic Range - are now part of the Western Mass FLA.

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