Urban Forestry Today Webinars

Seeing the Urban Forest for the Trees

July 14, 2016 | 12:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m. ET

Presenter: David J. Nowak, Ph.D., USDA Forest Service.

From climate change, to an ever-expanding human population, to invasive pests, our urban centers are challenged. But trees can help! Join Dr. Nowak as he details the benefits that trees provide to society on a national (and global) scale, and how communicating this resource value is essential to improving urban forest management and community well-being.

To attend, visit www.joinwebinar.com  and enter the ID code 123-644-723.

This broadcast is free and will offer the opportunity for arborists to earn 1.0 ISA CEU and 0.5 MCA credit.

Upcoming sessions:
The Science and Practice of Cabling and Bracing
September 1, 2016 | 12:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m. ET
Presenter: Mark Reiland, University of Massachusetts
To attend, visit  www.joinwebinar.com and enter the ID code 116-178-939.

For more information, contact:
Rick Harper, Department of Environmental Conservation, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

The Urban Forestry Today 2016 Webcast Series is sponsored by the University of Massachusetts Department of Environmental Conservation, in cooperation with the USDA Forest Service, Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation, University of Massachusetts Extension, and Massachusetts Tree Wardens' & Foresters' Association


DCR Tree Steward Training: Strengthening Branches in Your Community Forest
Two-Day Training – October 14-15, 2016, Harvard Forest, Petersham, MA

Each fall, the Massachusetts Urban and Community Forestry Program, the Massachusetts Tree Wardens’ and Foresters’ Association , and the USDA Forest Service host a training for Tree Board members, tree activists, interested citizens, Tree Wardens and other green professionals. This Tree Steward Training provides foundation instruction in tree physiology, tree care, and other urban and community forestry issues with the aim of developing better tree stewardship in Massachusetts communities of all sizes. Check back for information on the 2016 training.

For more information contact Mollie Freilicher mollie.freilicher@state.ma.us 413-577-2966.


Programs in Partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation:
Tree City, Tree Line, and Tree Campus USA

Tree City USA

In partnership with the National Arbor Day Foundation, the Department of Conservation and Recreation administers the annual Tree City USA program. DCR is responsible for reviewing Tree City USA applications from Massachusetts to ensure that the information is current, accurate, and complete. We then recommend applicants for the award to the National Arbor Day Foundation. The deadline for submitting applications is December 31, 2015. The Arbor Day Foundation now makes the entire application process available on-line. DCR prefers that Cities and Towns use this on-line tool for the application process. However, if you need to fill out a paper application, please find below DCR instructions for submitting the application and the required budget sheet. Please note: For both paper and online applications, please refer to the application instructions below for detailed information on the requirements for applications. All applications (standard TCUSA, Recertification, and Growth) can be found at the Arbor Day web site.

Please contact Mollie Freilicher 413-577-2966 or mollie.freilicher@state.ma.us if you need additional information.

Tree Line USA

Tree Line USA recognizes public and private utilities for practices that “protect and enhance” the urban forest. There are five core standards that companies meet. The goals of Tree Line USA are to promote a safe, reliable electric service and healthy trees in utility service areas. The annual deadline to apply is December 31. More information on the program can be found at:


Tree Campus USA

The Tree Campus USA program recognizes college campuses for management of trees and for student and community involvement. Tree Campus USA has five core standards that schools must meet to be eligible. The annual deadline to apply is December 31. More information on Tree Campus USA can be found at:



2016 DCR Arbor Day Poster Contest

“Trees Grow with Us and for Us”

Each year, over 1,500 Massachusetts fifth graders participate in the Arbor Day Poster Contest. The winners reap rewards including art supplies, ice cream, and a tree for their school. Each year there is a theme such as, “Trees are Champions in My Community,” (2015), "Trees are Terrific and Good for Our Health!” (2014) or “Celebrate a Tree” (2012) selected to encourage students to think about trees in new ways. The theme for 2016 is “Trees Grow with Us and for Us.”  Thank you to Anne-Marie Moran of National Grid for suggesting this year’s theme!  The deadline for the 2016 contest is April 1, 2016.
2016 Arbor Day Poster Contest Instructions pdf format of Poster Contest Instructions
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