truck parked in forest

When fire does strike, Forest Fire Control personnel are prepared to respond. Bureau units are used at all fires that occur on state owned forest land and are available to municipal fire departments for mutual assistance purposes. Bureau fire-fighters are trained in the use of forestry tools, water pumps, brush breakers, and other motorized equipment; as well as fire behavior and fire safety. Water tankers, portable pumps, chain saws and other necessary equipment are maintained and ready for deployment. Individual members are prepared to lend advice and expertise in helo-port operations, water handling, fire behavior, Incident Command and other specialties.

Massachusetts also benefits from mutual aid agreements that the Commonwealth and Bureau are party to with other state and provincial forest fire control agencies. As a member of the Northeastern Forest Fire Protection Commission and through the USDA Forest Service, the Bureau may call upon additional resources to combat any extreme conflagration that may occur within Massachusetts.