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Forest Legacy Program Deadline Extension Announcement

The Massachusetts Forest Legacy Committee approved an extension to the  MA Forest Legacy Program FY2016 RFP deadline at the September 24, 2014 MA FLP Committee Meeting.

The deadline has been extended to October 8, 2014. All applications and entries into the Forest Legacy Information System (FLIS) must be submitted/completed by 5:00PM on October 8, 2014.

This extension is open to anyone who desire to submit a Forest Legacy Project Proposal for the FY16 RFP previously announced.

Anyone in need of additional information or assistance with project/tract data entry into FLIS can call 

Mike Fleming (978) 368-0126 x114 or Lindsay Nystrom at (978) 368-0126 x120.

The Forest Legacy Program is a partnership between participating States and the USDA Forest Service to identify and help protect environmentally important forests from conversion to non-forest uses. The main tool used for protecting these important forests is conservation easements. The Federal government may fund up to 75% of program costs, with at least 25% coming from private, state or local sources.

Forest Legacy Information System (FLIS)

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