Forest Management Proposals and Silviculture Prescriptions are listed below by forest management district and are also summarized in the Timber Harvesting Master Summary List.  Proposals remain posted until the project is implemented with a timber sale or Home Fuelwood contract.  Silviculture Prescriptions remain posted as long as a project is being actively implemented and at least one year after a project is completed.

Please be advised that the Department of Conservation and Recreation has finalized the Forestry Public Notification Policy and the Proposed Forest Management Projects available are online and at every DCR Regional Office and the Boston Office for public review.

Written public comments are due within 45 days of posting the Proposed Forest Management activities in order for the Bureau to address the public issues and incorporate suggestions and concerns into the silvicultural prescriptions. A  Public Notification Summary Public Comment Card Aid docx format of Public Notification Summary Public Comment Card Aid
has been developed to assist you in providing comment on specific projects that you are interested in.

Comments may be sent via email to

If you would like any additional information concerning a Proposed Timber Harvesting Summary or other Bureau of Forestry issue please contact the DCR Regional Office Management Forester listed on each Summary.

Proposal Contact List

Current Project Proposals and Silviculture Prescriptions 

All Berkshires Districts 01, 02, 03, 04

Northern Berkshire District 01

Central Berkshire District 02

Southern Berkshires District 03

Western CT Valley District 04

Eastern CT Valley District 05

Mid State District 06

Northeast District 07

Southeast District 08