1. CH 132 - The Forest Cutting Practices Act

CH 132 Directions for the preparation of a Forest Cutting Plan

   2. CH 61 - The Forest Tax Law

   3. Directions: Chapter 61 Forest Management Plans, Forest Stewardship Plans, & Green Certification Requirements

           Appendix A - Exhibits

               1. Front Page doc format of    front_page.doc  form Front Page Overflow doc format of    front_page_overflow.doc  form
               2. Landowner Goals doc format of    landowner_goals.doc  form
               3. Overview form dot format of    overview_form.dot
               4. Stewardship Issues pdf format of    stewardship_issues.pdf
               5. Stand Descriptions Form 1 doc format of    stand descform1.doc  , Form 2 doc format of    stand descform2.doc
               6. Management Practices Form 1 doc format of    managepracticeform1.doc  , Form 2 doc format of    managepracticeform2.doc
               7. Locus Map (drawn by plan preparer)
               8. Property Map (drawn by plan preparer)
               9. Signature Page doc format of    Signature Page.doc
             10. Certificate (CH61) doc format of    certificate.doc

                    Appendix B - River Basin Map
                    Appendix C - Forest Types pdf format of    appendix_C.pdf
                    Appendix D - Recommended References pdf format of    appendix_D.pdf
                    Appendix E - Silvicultural Prescriptions pdf format of    appendix_E.pdf
                    Appendix F – NRCS Forestry Practices pdf format of    appendix_F.pdf
                    Appendix G – Growth Rate Percentage Formula pdf format of    appendix_G.pdf

  4. Miscellaneous

  5. Stewardship Policies