1. CH 132 - The Forest Cutting Practices Act  The Massachusetts Forest Cutting Practices Act (FCPA) was created to ensure the long-term public benefits provided by forests.  The FCPA protects the benefits of forests through a permitting process. Applicable to timber harvesting on both public and private forestland, the FCPA regulates any commercial timber cutting of wood products greater than 25 thousand board feet or 50 cords on any parcel of land at any one time.



   2. CH 61 - The Forest Tax Law  Massachusetts current use programs (Ch. 61, Ch. 61A, and Ch. 61B) were created to give preferential tax treatment to those landowners who maintain their property as open space for the purposes of timber production, agriculture or recreation.  

Two voluntary programs, Forest Stewardship and FSC certification , are also offered that build upon the basic forest management plan of the CH61 program.

Directions: Chapter 61 Forest Management Plans, Forest Stewardship Plans, & Green Certification Requirements
Directions for the preparation of the Chapter 61 Forest Management Plans and Forest Stewardship Plans pdf format of Ch 61 and Stewardship Plan Directions.pdf
Upgrading a management plan to FSC standards: A list of additional require elements  pdf format of Green Cert additional elements.pdf


Appendix A - Exhibits

               1. Front Page doc format of front_page.doc
form Front Page Overflow doc format of front_page_overflow.doc
               2. Landowner Goals doc format of landowner_goals.doc
               3. Overview form doc format of overview_form.doc
               4. Stewardship Issues pdf format of stewardship_issues.pdf
               5. Stand Description SD Form doc format of Stand Descriptions
               6. Management Practices MP Form doc format of managepracticeform.doc
               7. Locus Map (drawn by plan preparer)
               8. Property Map (drawn by plan preparer)
               9. Signature Page doc format of Signature Page.doc
             10. Certificate (CH61) doc format of certificate.doc

Appendix B - River Basin Map pdf format of River Basin Map
 Appendix C - Forest Types pdf format of appendix_C.pdf
 Appendix D - Recommended References pdf format of appendix_D.pdf
 Appendix E - Silvicultural Prescriptions pdf format of appendix_E.pdf
 Appendix F - NRCS Forestry Practices pdf format of appendix_F.pdf
 Appendix G - Growth Rate Percentage Formula pdf format of appendix_G.pdf


  3.  Foresters for the Birds  The DCR Bird Habitat Assessment Program provides funding assistance to landowners to work with a qualified licensed professional forester or other qualified professional to evaluate existing and potential habitat for a selection of birds. The Bird Habitat Assessment must be conducted in concert with a Forest Stewardship Plan, or as an update to an existing Plan.
Sample Plan  pdf format of Sample Plan
file size 3MB   
Additional habitat assessment elements to be incorporated into a Forest Stewardship plan doc format of Additional habitat assessment
file size 1MB (link with attached document bird habitat assessment directions)


Habitat Assessment Forms and Inventory Procedures pdf format of Habitat Assessment Forms and Inventory Procedures
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 Cover Page docx format of Cover Page
 How to Use this Report doc format of How to Use this Report
 Stand Description Form doc format of Stand Descriptions Form
 Management Recommendation Form doc format of Management Recommendation Form


4. Applications


  4. Miscellaneous


  5. Stewardship Policies