The Bureau of Planning, Design & Resource Protection provides planning services and project management for DCR’s stewardship and protection of recreational, cultural and natural resources through the development, management and implementation of planning strategies. Core program activities of the Bureau include: preparation of resource management plans for DCR properties; preparation of master plans for recreational facility development; policy development; critical land acquisitions; innovative capital project implementation; cooperation and coordination with other environmental organizations, friends groups and interested individuals; and on-going education and training. Bureau staff also assists parks operations staff to understand and comply with environmental regulatory responsibilities.

The Bureau manages agency records and design plans through sound archival practices. The Bureau provides staff support to the EOEEA’s Areas of Critical Environmental Concern Program.

Master Plans

Master Plans are tools to guide short and long term strategies for capital investment and development, principally of recreational facilities. They are a necessary part of the assessment of a property and/or an individual park facility in an era of transition and renewal. To review some of the recent Master Plans the agency has initiated click here.

Resource Management Plans

Resource Management Plans consider an entire property (or properties), and focus on the documentation of existing resources and active management resources and practices, development of recommendations for resource protection and staffing needs, and provide a review of the management intentions and their effectiveness in safeguarding conservation while fostering appropriate recreational opportunities. Visit the DCR Resource Management Planning page for more information .

Bureau Offices, Programs and Functions include:

Architecture Section

Areas of Critical Environmental Concern (ACEC) Program

Ecology Program

Geographic Information System (GIS) Program

Land Acquisition & Protection Program

Office of Cultural Resources

Office of Regional Planning

Recreational Facilities Planning