Main Report

    Introduction pdf format of 01Intro001_002.pdf
    Character and History pdf format of 02Character_History_003_006.pdf
    Systems of the Charles River Basin pdf format of 03Systems_007_012.pdf
    Uses & Perceptions of the Charles River Basin pdf format of 04Uses013_020.pdf
    Conditions and Recommendations Part 1 pdf format of 05_pp021_048Recommendations.pdf
    Conditions and Recommendations Part 2 pdf format of 05_pp049_076Recommendations.pdf
    Management and Implementation pdf format of 06_pp077_088Management.pdf

Project Areas

    Historic Charles River Dam pdf format of 07_pp090_091HistoricCharles.pdf
    East Cambridge Front pdf format of 07_pp092_094EastCambFront.pdf
    Broad Canal pdf format of 07_pp095_096BroadCanal.pdf
    Charlesbank pdf format of 07_pp096_098Charlesbank.pdf
    Longfellow pdf format of 07_pp098_099Longfellow.pdf
    The Esplanade pdf format of 07_pp100_107Esplanade.pdf
    Cambridge Esplanade pdf format of 07_pp108_112CambEsp.pdf
    MIT Houses pdf format of 07_pp112_114MITHouses.pdf
    Charlesgate pdf format of 07_pp114_116Charlesgate.pdf
    Boston University Bridge pdf format of 07_pp117_118BUBridge.pdf
    Magazine Beach pdf format of 07_pp119_122MagazineBch.pdf
    Allston Landing pdf format of 07_pp122_123AllstonLanding.pdf
    Riverside Press Site pdf format of 07_pp124Riverside.pdf
    Genzyme Front pdf format of 07_pp125_126Genzyme.pdf
    Harvard Business School pdf format of 07_pp127_128HarvardBusin.pdf
    Harvard College Houses pdf format of 07_pp128_130HarvardCollege.pdf
    Soldiers Field pdf format of 07_pp131SoldiersField.pdf
    John F. Kennedy Park/Longfellow Park pdf format of 07_pp132_133KennedyPark.pdf
    Herter Park pdf format of 07_pp134_139HerterPark.pdf
    Herter Park West pdf format of 07_pp139_141HerterWest.pdf
    Hell’s Half Acre pdf format of 07_pp141_144HellsHalf.pdf
    Greenough Boulevard pdf format of 07_pp144_145Greenough.pdf
    GSA Site pdf format of 07_pp146_147GSA.pdf
    Soldiers Field Road/Birmingham Parkway pdf format of 07_pp147_150SoldiersField.pdf
    Greenough Boulevard, Watertown pdf format of 07_pp150_151Greeno_Watertwn.pdf
    Squibnocket Park pdf format of 07_pp151_153Squibnocket.pdf
    Watertown Front pdf format of 07_pp154_156WatertownFront.pdf
    Daly Field and the Upper Basin pdf format of 07_pp157_159DalyField.pdf
    Nonantum Road pdf format of 07_pp160_161Nonantum.pdf
    Watertown Dam pdf format of 07_pp161_162WatertownDam.pdf


     Appendix A Prehistory pdf format of Appendix A Prehistory
     Appendix B History pdf format of Appendix B History
     Appendix C Public Participation pdf format of Appendix C Public Participation
     Appendix D Landscape Maintenance pdf format of Appendix D Landscape Maintenance
     Appendix E Planting Lists pdf format of Appendix E Planting Lists
     Appendix F Riverbank Establishment and Maintenance pdf format of Appendix F Riverbank Establishment and Maintenance
     Appendix G Boathouse Locations pdf format of Appendix G Boathouse Locations

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