The DCR Geographic Information System (GIS) Program provides mapping services, geographic data, spatial analyses, GPS services and GIS-related technical support to agency staff. The Program consists of six full-time staff who work closely with MassGIS, as well as the GIS Programs within the Departments of Fish and Game, Environmental Protection and Agricultural Resources, in order to develop and share valuable GIS products.

Currently, funding for the DCR GIS Program is limited. If you would like to support the Program's initiatives, tax-deductible contributions can be made through the DCR's Conservation Trust. Please use the form available on the Conservation Trust webpage and specify the GIS Program. Recommended amounts have been suggested, but any support that you can give will be greatly appreciated.

Contact Information

Principal Staff

Nathanael Lloyd, GIS Director, (617) 626-1381 
Eve Galvao, GIS Specialist, (617) 626-1462 
David Kimball, GIS Specialist, (617) 626-1447
Chandreyee Lahiri, GIS Specialist, (617) 626-1325 
Don Nadeau, GIS Specialist, (617) 626-4930 

DCR GIS Program
251 Causeway Street
Suite 600
Boston, MA 02114


DCR staff in other divisions or bureaus who also function as GIS Specialists for the agency.

   Paul Penner, DCR Division of Water Supply Protection